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American stand-up comedian Bill Cosby asks supreme court to dismiss his appeal In sexual assault case



Bill Cosby, a retired American stand-up comedian who was accused with sexual assault in court, has requested that his charges be dropped.

According to Billboard, the 84-year-old actor’s lawyer is fighting the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney’s attempt to reopen his sexual assault case.

After his sentence was reversed in June, the comedian was freed from prison last year.

The judge sided with Cosby because he had a “nonprosecution agreement” with a previous prosecutor during the trial of a 2005 lawsuit, which led to his detention.

In a 15-page letter to the Supreme Court, Cosby’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, stated that a review of the case is “unjustified.” “Despite the Commonwealth’s dire warnings, the Cosby ruling will very certainly be limited to its own ‘rare, if not totally unique’ set of circumstances, rendering review by this court particularly unwarranted,” Bonjean wrote.

Regardless, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele has an uphill struggle.

The petition has a remote possibility of being accepted by the United States Supreme Court. For the case to be revived, four of the nine members of the court would have to agree.

Furthermore, there is a scarcity of evidence that might lead to a retrial.

According to the study, former D.A. Bruce Castor is the author of the single piece of written evidence that may be used to resurrect the sexual assault case.

Steele claimed at the time that he didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Cosby, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune.


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