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‘I’d rather burn every rand I make in my life than give media Bonang Matheba her $300,000,’ says Podcaster Rea Gopane



Despite being ordered by the Johannesburg high court to pay media personality Bonang Matheba $300,000, controversial vlogger Rea Gopane has declared that he would sooner burn his money than pay her.

Judge Petrus Malindi ordered Rea to pay the money as well as the legal fees paid by the media personality.

On Saturday, the YouTuber took to Twitter to release a video in which he stated that he will not pay Bonang a penny and that Bonang was exploiting their legal struggle to gain influence in the hopes of remaining relevant.


Rea has been mocking the media celebrity and her fans in a series of tweets that have followed.

“You don’t realize Bonang is exploiting your sheepish behavior to stay relevant in the public spotlight.” She’s fantastic at it, no doubt, but what amazes me is how many people continue to fall for it.”

“I’d rather burn every last rand I’ll ever make than give it to that other queen of yours.” He wrote, “I literally set it on fire.”

Bonang issued a statement after the decision was handed down, thanking her legal team for their “unwavering support” and announcing her intention to give the money to her charity endeavors.

“I have no intention of profiting monetarily from the decision.” “Rather, I intend to elevate those who are less fortunate than myself, and I will donate the damages to my humanitarian endeavor, the Bonang Matheba Foundation, which I formed to improve the tertiary education of young women,” according to the statement.

She expressed confidence that the ruling will teach those like Gopane “that misusing public forums to libel and humiliate others has repercussions.”


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