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“Parents should not condemn their children because of their sexual orientation” – Pope Francis



During the general audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI hall on Wednesday, Pope Francis exhorted parents to accompany their children and not to condemn them because of their sexual orientation.

“I think of parents dealing with their children’s issues,” the pontiff said, addressing those “who perceive the sexual orientations” of his followers and urging them to “accompany the children rather than hide in condemning practices.”

Francisco went on to discuss parents who have lost their children due to illness or road accidents, as well as parents who notice that their children are not attending school.

“With so many parent issues, we wondered how we might assist them,” I tell them not to be scared. There is so much suffering, yet consider the Lord and how Joseph dealt with the issues. He went on to say, “Never condemn a son.”

And he remembers seeing the lines in front of the jails in Buenos Aires, and “there were the moms, those mothers who, faced with the difficulty of a son who had committed a mistake, put their face on, did not hide, and always followed him.” “How much is that worth?”

Francis has consistently criticized the rejection of homosexual children in families, and when journalists asked him on the plane in August 2018 what he would say to the parents of a gay son, he replied: “Ignoring the son or daughter with homosexual tendencies would be a lack of maternity and fatherhood.” As you are, you are my son or daughter.”



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