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Who is Jasmine Alicia Carter a 30year-old mum, from Barcelona drinks her own menstrual blood and uses it as make up on her face



An outrageous mom from Barcelona has sparked controversy online after posting a video of herself swallowing her own menstrual blood and applying it to her face as make-up, claiming that her husband agrees to her newfound lifestyle.

The 30-year-old married woman stated that she collects, consumes, and applies her menstrual blood to her skin to improve her physical and spiritual health.

Jasmine Alicia Carter, a young mother from Barcelona, Spain, claims she uses her menstrual blood as a facemask and paints ‘period paintings’ with it, and that her husband approves.

The mother of one works as a Sacred Woman’s Empowerment Mentor, assisting and coaching women in “understanding and reclaiming the underlying holiness that exists inside their whole menstrual cycle.”

‘Knowing and reclaiming my period has given me a whole new appreciation for myself and women,’ she added.

She also reveals that she creates art with her own menstrual blood, which she combines with water to produce different tones.

‘We’re here because of our vaginal and blood vessels, and women don’t give themselves enough credit for it.’ Instead, women have been conditioned to be embarrassed of their periods throughout history.’ Tampons and sanitary pads have a flowery aroma and are loaded with chemicals that disguise our blood and interfere with the normal functioning of our periods.

‘However, your menstrual blood is jam-packed with all the nutrients we require.’

She argues that menstrual blood contains all of the nutrients that women require, including protein, iron, copper, and selenium.

She claims that her blood is so ‘clean’ that she no longer has to strain it and can paint with it right away.

She believes that rubbing her cheeks with menstruation blood has improved her skin.

‘It’s high in protein, iron, copper, and selenium, all of which are low in many women.’ It possesses antibacterial and detoxifying effects, as well as regenerating stem cells.’

‘Your menstrual blood is pure medication,’ says the doctor. There are numerous things you can do with your period blood and ways it may enhance your health and wellness if you can collect it.

‘When I drink my period blood, I will usually squat on the toilet, remove my menstrual cup and take a sip. I’m so connected to my body that I know exactly how much blood to drink.’

‘Sometimes it’s just a sip and sometimes it’s a whole menstrual cup because I need more nutrients.’

‘In regards to drinking your period blood, there is a disclaimer that you need to be in good health to drink it.’

‘Your period blood won’t as good if you’re eating junk food everyday for example because your nutrients will be poor. But when you’re in tune with your period, then you know how much you need to drink and can feel the benefits.’

Jasmine, who lives with her husband Suriya and their 2-year-old son Rav, added: ‘Your menstrual blood is great for skincare too and I love period face masks. When I first put my fresh menstrual blood on my face, it felt so natural. The feeling is very refreshing and cooling on the skin.’

Jasmine’s husband, Suriya, is used to seeing his wife walk around the house with a menstrual blood face mask.

‘Now I just go around our house with my period face mask on my face and my husband is so used to it. Although I’ve never had major skin issues, I can definitely feel that my skin looks at its best now because of these face masks.’

Jasmine agrees that not all women may feel comfortable drinking their menstrual blood or applying it to their face.


But she says women can learn to understand and embrace their periods – through painting with it and giving their menstrual blood back to the earth as a natural fertiliser.’

‘I don’t expect everyone to be obsessed with their period blood the way I am. But I do encourage women to collect and observe their menstrual blood to see what it can tell them about their health.’

The menstrual coach revealed that ancient women would squat down and give their period blood to the earth to connect themselves to nature and encourages modern women to rid themselves of period shame.

To drink her own period blood, Jasmine says she squats on the toilet, removes her menstrual cup and takes a sip

‘I also encourage women to give their period back to nature and feel that connection with the earth. Your menstrual blood is an incredible fertilizer to give back to plants.’

‘In the past, women would squat down and give their period blood to the earth to connect themselves to nature. Before women were taught to feel ashamed of our periods, ancient cultures were aware of the womb’s wisdom.’

‘I also love creating paintings with my period blood. It’s a really beautiful practice.’

‘I used to have to strain my menstrual blood beforehand or mix it with a blender to make it into something to paint.’


Scientists say a woman’s period, menstrual blood contains mucus lining, bacteria, and uterine tissue.

When drinking any blood, if it’s disease-free, a small amount will not cause damage. But consuming more than a few teaspoons puts you at risk of iron overload, a potentially deadly condition called hemochromatosis.


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