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Who Is Kevin J Johnston? Biography, Wikipedia, Things To Know About Him



Kevin J. Johnston, a racist former Calgary mayoral candidate, was arrested in the United States after failing to appear in court in Toronto to begin serving an 18-month sentence for breaking an Ontario judge’s hate speech injunction.

He was arrested on Tuesday in Plentywood, Mont., for unlawfully entering the nation on foot after border authorities were asked to assist in the search for a missing person near the Montana/North Dakota state line.

Who Is Kevin J Johnson?


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Kevin J. Johnston is a notable public speaker and podcaster, Youtuber, and crypto expert in Canada. He is a big participant in the CryptoCurrency industry, and he has assisted a number of individuals in converting their pensions and savings to CryptoCurrency, where they make 8% per month on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He is also a journalist and social commentator. He had worked with Freedom Report before turning himself into one of the best of Canada’s digital currency experts and Investors.

Kevin studied Architectural Tech at Sheridan college.

Why Was Kevin J Johnston Arrested?

Johnston, 50, was apprehended in the United States on January 4 after crossing the border in Saskatchewan.

Border patrol authorities apprehended Johnston at the Montana-North Dakota state line, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

According to Kevin, he was fleeing Canada before being arrested in America this week because he was “marked for death.

He had already been charged with broadcasting racist statements directed at an Ontario restaurant and, separately, lashing out at Alberta health officials over pandemic restrictions.

Kevin J was granted bail on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022, under tight restrictions, one of which was that he be denied internet access.


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