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What happened to Karim Ouellet, Canadian singer found dead in Quebec City, age, cause of death, wiki



On Monday night, Juno Award winner Karim Ouellet was discovered dead at L’Unisson studio in Quebec City’s Saint-Roch neighborhood.

What Happened To Him, Exactly, Did Karim Ouellet Commit Suicide? :

According to news sources, Karim, a 37-year-old Canadian singer, was discovered dead inside L’Unisson studio in Quebec City’s Saint-Roch neighborhood on Monday night.

The coroner had promised to launch an inquiry to identify the cause of death after Quebec City police ruled out foul play.

Karim, who won a Juno award and was nominated for a Félix award for his poignant 2012 hit song L’Amour, was discovered dead in a music studio in Quebec City on Monday. He was just 37 years old when he died suddenly.

In a Facebook message, Ouellet’s sister, Sarahmée, a fellow Quebec singer-songwriter, said the family will “continue to honor his life, skill, and legacy” and begged for privacy as the family grieves.

“To all who were moved by Karim’s words and music, thank you for this outpouring of affection,” she added.

Ouellet recently discussed health issues and a desire to step away from the music profession, according to Fehmiu.

“The last time we spoke, he wanted some alone time,” he explained. “He needed some time to slow down from the previous decade’s speed. To make sure he could survive in that profession, he needed to get stronger.”

Webster Comment On Ouellet Death:

Despite the fact that Ouellet eventually became renowned as a pop musician, Webster of Quebec City told Radio-Tout Canada’s un Matin that Ouellet was “born of Quebec’s hip hop scene.”

Ouellet had “a melodic approach to hip hop,” according to him, and would be known for his uniqueness, ingenuity, and lyrical sense.

“In my opinion, Karim Ouellet was a genius when it came to music,” Webster stated. “He was someone who opened up a whole new world of music.”


The two artists became great friends after working together on Webster’s song Quebec History X.

“Because our birthdays were close in proximity, we frequently celebrated together,” he explained. “We laughed a lot every time we saw one other.”

He described him as “someone with a lot of spirits.”

He said the young artist was able to draw inspiration from soul and hip hop, while finding a sound that was his own.

“He had this huge talent for melody — that song that you would hear only once and remember for the rest of your life,” said Fehmiu.

With songs like L’Amour and 2016’s Karim et le Loup, Ouellet is known for his style of upbeat music with more introspective or melancholic lyrics.

Biographical Information:

Ouellet was born in Dakar, Senegal, and was adopted by Quebec diplomat parents when he was three months old. He spent up traveling between Quebec City and France, Rwanda, Tunisia, and Senegal, before returning to Quebec to study in his teens.

Ouellet rose to prominence in 2007 as a member of the Movèzerbe hip-hop collective, working with musicians including CEA, Webster, and Limoilou Starz.

Ouellet’s second album, Fox, catapulted him to new heights, selling over 33,000 copies and garnering him five ADISQ accolades in 2013 and a Juno nomination for Francophone album of the year in 2014.

In 2013, he was selected as Radio-best Canada’s new artist, and his tune L’Amour was awarded the Prix Félix-Leclerc by the Francos de Montréal music festival, which encourages young up-and-coming francophone musicians.

According to his Spotify profile, Ouellet had recently celebrated his 37th birthday and was working on his fourth album at the time of his death.

Philippe Fehmiu, the presenter of ICI Musique, met Ouellet through the Quebec City music scene, but the two became friends.


Several politicians have paid respect to Ouellet and offered condolences to his family.
Ouellet was described as “creative, avant-gardist, and endlessly skilled” by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and as “a young musician who brought a new flavor to Quebec music” by Quebec Premier François Legault.

Dominique Anglade, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, stated she was “struck” by Ouellet’s death and referenced lines from L’Amour.

In a tweet, Anglade said, “May these words continue to reverberate in our hearts.”

Ouellet’s amiable attitude and songs “would live on in the music landscape of Quebecers forever,” according to Quebec City Mayor Bruno Marchard.



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