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Mzansi Want To Download Sisa Flatela Kuku Pictures & Video Trending On Twitter



Why Is Sisa Flatela Kuku Picture & Video Trending On Twitter? A South African woman residing in Korea has turned her into an internet sensation after sharing nasty pictures and videos on her Twitter page. The inappropriate pictures have gotten the attention of Mzansi who are shocked to see a lady post such content at the early start of this year.

Following her massive trend on microblogging sites, Twitter, netizens are now beginning to search for her account on Twitter but it seems the young lady runs a private account.

From the analysis we gathered from Twitter stats, Sis Flatela Kuku pictures trended top 5 for four solid days and she tweeps had to describe her as a GOAT, advising her to start an Onlyfans and rake huge cash like the likes of Kardashian.

A tweep wrote:- So Kuku! trend top 5 for four solid days!? Nah fam Sisa Flatela is GOATED, she better starts an Onlyfans and get that Kardashian money.

Another Twitter user claimed that Sisa Flatela posted the pictures online to gain popularity.

@SisaFlatela this girl just wanted popularity. Unfortunately, January has been occupied. #Somizi #Parliament #kuku . She must show us her whole body naked.

Not long after Sisa Flatela Kuku went viral, men everywhere were seen tweeting “Iphi le Kuku”, roughly translated to “where is the P***”.

Why Is Sisa Flatela Kuku Pictures Trending? Who Is She?

The woman behind the photo, Sisa Flatela had to change her settings on Twitter and limit those who follow her as she could not cope with the viral Kuku picture. Eben women marveled at the beauty of it.

According to information, we gathered online, Sis Flatela was said to be a South African woman who currently resides in Korea.

She is a content creator and Youtuber. Her Youtube channel has amazed over 8000 subscribers. She went viral on Twitter a few days after posting pictures of her Vagina.

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