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Who is Ethan Crumbley Oxford high school shooter, 15-year-old suspect brought ammo, bird’s head to school ahead of massacre, bio, wiki



Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old kid, has been charged with carrying ammunition and a bird’s head to school before the atrocity.

According to the Detroit Free Press, who cited the updated lawsuit, he smuggled a bird’s head in a mason jar filled with yellow liquid into the boy’s toilet at the Michigan school barely three weeks before the Nov. 30 shooting.

Students alerted school administrators to the strange display. According to the lawsuit filed on behalf of some of the victims, they reportedly minimized its significance and assured kids and parents in a later email that the building was not under any threat.

Crumbley reportedly gunned killed four pupils and injured seven others, including a teacher, the day after the ammunition incident.

According to the lawsuit, school administrators were also aware of Crumbley’s disturbing tweet from the day before the massacre, which read: “Now I am Death, the destroyer of planets.” Oxford, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

According to the lawsuit, school officials should have reported Crumbley to Child Protective Services after learning about the bullets and the frightening social media post.

According to the lawsuit, the principal vowed to do so the day before the shooting but didn’t follow through.


According to the lawsuit, the school’s claimed errors “hastened” the slaughter.

According to the complaint, “(the principal) thrilled Ethan Crumbley by yanking him out of class and alerting him that Child Protective Services may be contacted, so pushing Crumbley to speed up his schedule for murder.”

In a recent interview with the Free Press, attorney Nora Hanna said, “The school was on alert about Ethan.”

“They could have done a million other things,” Hanna added.


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