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Shocking moment in Kabul, when a baby was passed through over a barbed wire and reunited with his family



A touching photo has appeared on the internet showing a moment when a baby was transferred over a barbed wired fence to join his parents. It seemed ridiculous, but the attempts were worth it.

Following an incident in Kabul, a two-month-old infant was reunited with his family after becoming lost in the pandemonium at Kabul Airport.

The heartwarming moment when Sohail Ahmadi’s father, Mirza, transferred him across a wall to a soldier to save the youngster being crushed in the throngs fleeing the Taliban dictatorship was recorded in a viral photo.

Mirza, who had served as a security guard at the US embassy, had meant to fetch him once inside the airport facility, but due to delays, he was unable to locate his child.

After being advised that the baby was most likely already on a plane, the family decided to go without him.

In truth, Sohail was discovered by cab driver Hamid Safi, 29, who claimed to have seen him weeping alone and took him home to care for his wife and kids.

‘I tried to nurse him with other women, but they refused… Mr Safi, who had gone to the airport to assist his brother with evacuation, added, “I continued seeking for his family.”

‘I immediately contacted my wife, who told me to bring the kid home,’ she claimed.

The couple stated they kept looking for the boy’s parents but when they couldn’t find them, they named him Mohammad Abed and took care of him.

‘We would have safeguarded and reared him as our own child if we hadn’t located his family,’ Mr Safi told AFP.

Mr Safi’s neighbors saw the Ahmadis’ request for information, and Sohail’s grandfather Mohammad Qasem Razawi, who is still in Afghanistan, gave him a sheep and walnuts in exchange for his return.



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