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Joseph Strong Accident: What really happened to him, story, age, bio and wiki



Who Is Joseph Strong And What Happened To Him:

Joseph Manning, a 15-year-old kid, was involved in a car accident on New Year’s Eve while out with friends in 2019.

He was discovered unconscious for unexplained causes that are being probed.


No one contacted the authorities, and we didn’t discover him until the next day (New Years Day) that afternoon when someone finally decided to go notify his family he needed help.


Everyone at the event did nothing to aid him the entire time, instead of leaving him laying there with blood, a head injury, and vomit.

He didn’t aspirate from his vomit and blood over those 12 to 14 hours by God’s grace, but he did suffer significant brain trauma.

After being airlifted to Shands Hospital, he had emergency surgery.

The doctors aren’t holding out much hope for him because he hasn’t awakened, but his mother’s family isn’t giving up hope, knowing that our God is greater and our best physician.

According to his relatives, he was transferred to Shepherd’s Hospital in Atlanta and has since defied all odds.


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