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Britni Alijha car accident: Mum, Britney Griffin and her 1 year-old son killed in Illinois car crash



What Happened To Britney Griffin And Her One-Year-Old Son:

A mother and her kid were killed in a collision on I-80 in Gary today. The motorist lost control while being followed by sheriff’s deputies, according to investigators.

Britney Griffin, 20, was killed in a fender crash on I-80 in Gary, Indiana, on Friday, with her 1-year-old infant child, Ky’Air Lucas.

According to abc7chicago, the collision occurred during a police chase on Friday, and the Lake County(IN) Coroners Office reviewed the fatalities’ identifying evidence the next day.

Authorities said, the driver of the car Griffin and Lucus have led officers on a high-speed chase that culminated in the tragic accident.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop the automobile for speeding in downtown Gary, according to investigators.

Investigators said the driver was speeding and weaving in and out of lanes when he lost control, slammed with a semi, spun across both lanes, and collided with another tractor-trailer around mile marker 5.7 around 11:32 a.m.

The automobile, which had been fast and weaving, suddenly let go, crashing into the semi, which had turned across all lanes and slammed into another vehicle, a farm truck.

How Did The Accident Happen:

Griffin was propelled out of her front seat by the tremendous power, killing her instantly. Similarly, the toddler was declared dead not long after. Eric White, the main driver, was rushed to the clinic for treatment of a minor medical ailment.

Britni Alijha Car Accident: Following a police chase, an Illinois mother and a youngster were killed in a deadly I-80 incident.

January 10, 2022 — DeathNotice (@DeathNotice4)

Britni Alijha Car Accident – In Illinois, Britni Griffin And Her Son Ky’Air Lucas Were Killed.
Mother Brtini Griffin and her kid, Ky’Air Lucas, died in the Britni Alijha fender collision.

The incident occurred at 11:32 a.m. on Friday in the westward routes around mile marker 5.7.

According to abc7chicago, the victims were residents of Matteson, Illinois, who were in the car being sought by the police at the time of the accident.

Following a full loss of control on I-80 near Gary, Indiana, the car collided with a farm truck, killing both the mother and the kid.

Eric White, the vehicle’s driver, was sent to the hospital with minor injuries and is now being held in Lake County Jail. As the investigation is still in its early stages, the charges against him will be made public.

Britni Griffin and her child, Ky’Air Lucas, were involved in a fatal accident according to what authorities said termed it.

Per the complaint, Britini (20) and her kid, Ky’Air, were in the secondary lounge when the car they were riding in on I-80 in Gary, Indiana, completely lost control and crashed into a farm trailer.


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