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Who is Yao Pan Ma death: What happened to Chinese immigrant attacked in NYC & Who is Jarrod Powell, wiki, bio, age



Who Was Yao Pan Ma:

Yao Pan Ma, a Chinese immigrant who was severely beaten while collecting cans in East Harlem in April, died of his injuries, and his case has now been classified as a homicide, according to New York City police.

Yao Pan Ma, 61, died on December 31, according to authorities. The incident garnered global attention as part of a nationwide uptick in anti-Asian hate crimes in New York and elsewhere.

Who Attacked Yao Pan Ma And Why:

Jarrod Powell, 49, of New York City, was previously accused in the case, which is still under investigation, with attempted murder, felony assault, and hate crime charges.

Powell’s charges should now be upgraded, according to a family spokesperson.

The Associated Press quoted Karlin Chan, a community leader in New York City and a spokeswoman for Ma’s family, as saying, “We’re asking on the District Attorney’s Office to raise the charges to murder forthwith.” “I hope (Powell) never walks the streets as a free guy because we’re fighting for justice.” He must pay the price for what he has done.”

Powell is no longer a client of the Legal Aid Society, which formerly represented him. A message was left with another attorney named as Powell’s counsel in court documents, requesting comment.

Prosecutors said Powell struck Ma from behind, knocking him to the ground and repeatedly kicking him in the head before fleeing the scene. The police have released surveillance video that purports to show an assailant stamping on Ma’s skull.

Ma never recovered consciousness following the incident, according to Chan, and his health worsened over time. During the previous eight months, Ma was transported in and out of numerous institutions, eventually dying at a long-term care home run by The New Jewish Home, according to Chan.

A funeral is expected to take place next week.

Powell acknowledged attacking an Asian guy at the same time and location as the attack on Ma, according to a criminal complaint, claiming he did it because the man had robbed him the day before.

Chan, on the other hand, claimed that the two guys had never met before.

Ma and his wife — who Chan described as “devastated” by her husband’s death — arrived in the United States in October 2018 from China, where Ma worked as a dim sum chef.

Ma found a job as a general kitchen worker in a Chinese restaurant after arriving in the United States, making pastries and performing other kitchen jobs. When the pandemic struck, however, Ma’s employment was lost when the restaurant closed due to the lockdown.

Chan said he hadn’t worked long enough to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

According to Chan, this motivated Ma and his wife, who had also lost her work as a home health care attendant, to collect returnable bottles and cans in order to supplement their income.

He said, “They were recent immigrants.” “They didn’t have any savings at all.”

The couple has two adult children, a son and a daughter, both of whom remain in China. Prior to the epidemic, Chan claimed the pair had to move in with the family when their Chinatown apartment was destroyed by fire in December 2019.


Meanwhile, on September 28, 2021, a family member of the deceased created a Gofundme account to raise cash to help Ya Ma this was few days after he was assaulted.

According to a statement on GoFundMe,

“Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while and I wanted to share some updates that you might be interested in.

I started this fundraiser the day after Mr. Ma’s attack and given the financial situation the news described I thought he and his wife would need a lot of money to pay his medical bills and get back on their feet if he were to survive.

I feel responsible to share these updates given that this money will not be used for medical support and that may be why many of you donated.

1. Mr. Ma is alive, but has not woken up and the likelihood of him doing so is very small. His medical bills will be covered by the hospitals and facilities of which he’s been a patient so his family will not have to pay anything. And his lawyers are working for free.

2. The trust has been set up and will be overseen by Mr. Ma’s wife’s family. GoFundMe is managing the relationship with the trust.

They may cutoff my ability to send you updates soon, so please reach out to GoFundMe if you have any questions. They have a guarantee if you want to explore that option:

Thank you again for your generosity.



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