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See What Lwans Is Doing Amidst His Rumoured Breakup With Makhadzi



It appears that Lwams is unconcerned with Makhadzi’s rumoured separation. Remember that the Makhadzi proclaimed publicly that she had stopped her romance with Master KG and had gone on to a new partner, Zwivhuya Nelwamondo, also known as Lwams.

Lwams was Zwivhuya Nelwamondo, a Capetown-based businessman.

However, things changed abruptly a few months ago when Makhadzi was repeatedly sighted with her ex-boyfriend Master KG.

Well, they’re back together, and it appears that her ex-boyfriend, Lwams, was not pleased with the message, as he responded with a video.

Makhadzi confirmed her reunion with Jerusalema crooner Master KG in a video posted to her social media pages early this year though Makhadzi’s confirmation has yet to be confirmed by Master KG.


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