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DJ Hlo Reveals What She Will Do To People Spreading False Information About Her



DJ Hlo, the winner of the Ukhozi FM song of the year, has stated that she will pursue legal action against those who are harassing her and spreading false accusations about her.

During an interview with Isolezwe, the Isibani crooner revealed this to the world. The way some people are reacting to her new musical success has irritated the female disc DJ.

DJ Hlo told Isolezwe that she put a lot of effort and time into the song, which was published a long time ago.

She claimed to have marketed the song at car parks, Durban stations, and visits to the Zulu King, and she asked people to vote for her once the radio station nominated her.

“Isibani isn’t a song that appeared out of nowhere. This tune was published a long time ago, and I encouraged others to vote for it and download it. After that, Ukhozi FM launched its Song of the Year competition, and I pushed people to nominate and vote for it,” she added.

However, she is disappointed by how many believe she bought her way to success by spreading false information about her; as a result, she would pursue legal action against anyone who defames her personality.

“Those who spread false information about me which is not true, my legal team is on top of that. They will be dealt with because that is a defamation of character. They are turning me into a completely different person and that is not okay, so my legal team is on top of that,” she added.


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