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Who is Arianna George Floyds great-niece shot in bed in attack at family home, who shot her?, age, bio & wiki, video



Arianna is George Floyd’s great-niece, she was shot in bed.

The four-year-old child was a great-niece of the late Texas-born George Floyd, the African-American man who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest after a store clerk.

She was shot in her bed in an attack at their Houston family home after attending multiple protests last year, according to reports.

The gunshot was fired by an unnamed suspect or suspects who shot into her family’s Texas home, according to ABC13.

Arianna, who was shot, had surgery and is likely to recover.

Arianna is still in the hospital, according to her father, with a punctured lung and liver, as well as three fractured ribs.

Four adults and two children were inside the home on Yellowstone Blvd in south Houston at the time of the incident.

Arianna was sleeping in her bed when the incident happened, according to her father.

“My kid ran up and screamed, ‘Daddy, I’ve been struck,'” he recalled through tears to ABC 13.

He said the little girl aspires to be a cheerleader or a dancer, and he hopes she will be able to realize her ambitions.

So yet, neither a motive nor a description of the gunman has been published by authorities.

Who Shot Ariana, George Floyds Great-niece?

However, the family has stated that they know who opened fire and that the shooting was targeted, without elaborating on a probable motivation.

Suspects fired random gunshots into the family’s second-floor house at 3 a.m. on Saturday night.

There were six individuals inside the residence in south Houston at the time of the incident, with four adults and two children all sleeping, including Arianna, who was sleeping in a front bedroom bed.

Derrick Delane, her father, told ABC 13 that his daughter got up and yelled, ‘Daddy, I’ve been struck.’

‘I was stunned until I saw the blood and knew my four-year-old daughter had been seriously injured,’ Delane said. ‘She had no idea what was happening.’ ‘She was sound sleeping.’

Delane expressed his wish that his daughter will be able to pursue her passion of being a cheerleader or dancer.

‘What makes you think my house is going to be shot up?’ Delane was the one who inquired. ‘My daughter has no idea.’ I’m not sure how to convey it to her. You have a responsibility to safeguard your children as a father.

‘She’s recovering quickly. She was breathing on her own the last time I checked on her. Delane said of her rehabilitation, ‘She was doing pretty well.’

The police did not come until 7 a.m., four hours after the incident, according to the family.

An inquiry into why the police reaction was so slow is currently underway.

‘I am aware of and concerned about the incident’s delayed reaction time, and have launched an Internal Affairs inquiry. In a statement, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated, “I encourage the public to continue to pray for the child’s full recovery and to assist in giving information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect or suspects involved.”

How Is Ariana Related To George Floyd:

Following the assassination of her great uncle, George Floyd, Arianna was spotted at multiple Black Lives Matter marches.

Her grandmother, LaTonya, was George’s sister, hence she was connected to him.


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