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We Don’t Want The Album Now, Please Rest – Fans To Makhadzi



Makhadzi is about to set off her musical journey for the year 2022 but fans are not okay with it.

The music star who teased her upcoming studio project was urged by fans to have a little break, has some rest and put herself together.

In December 2021, the singer was unquestionably one of the most booked artists in the country, and she has yet to take a vacation.

Some celebrities who have had a difficult year have gone on vacation, but the singer is not one of them, as she appeared live on Facebook to preview some new songs she’s been working on.

Fans, as predicted, thought these songs were a smash, but they were more concerned about their favourite’s health.

Some fans are interested in the tracks and wonder if she would release them as singles or as an album.

“Please rest queen, we want that album in July, not now,” a fan said.


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