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BREAKING: Police arrests a man in Braamfontein for allegedly attacking the Constitutional Court windows and doors with hammer



A 36-year-old man was detained in Braamfontein for allegedly attacking the Constitutional Court.

He was apprehended outside the court in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, on Wednesday morning.

With a hammer, the guy seemed to destroy doors and windows.

To prevent him from causing additional harm, police fired a warning shot.

The guy was charged with deliberate damage to property, according to police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Robert Netshiunda, who spoke to News24 on Wednesday.

“When the cops told him to stop, he didn’t, so they fired a warning shot and arrested him.”

According to Netshiunda, police are currently looking into the incident’s cause

Canna mama?? (@yeahjustumi) 5th of January, 2022
While it is unclear whether the event was tied to the publishing of the Zondo Commission’s findings into state capture, Alison Tilley and Mbekezeli Benjamin of the Judges Matter initiative said, “it is very troubling.”

The defendant has been charged with malicious property damage and is scheduled to appear in court soon.



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