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Who is Christopher de la cruz, subway death video, what happened to him, can turnstile kill people?



Fare-beating Before his deadly fall, Christopher De La Cruz father of a 4-year-old was inebriated in numerous efforts to jump Queen’s turnstiles.

According to distressing footage, a Queens straphanger’s persistent efforts to leap a turnstile ended in death when he turned over and landed on his back.

Around 6:45 a.m., police responding to a 911 report of an unconscious man found the 28-year-old guy motionless on the mezzanine level of the Forest Hills-71st Ave train station in Forest Hills.

Christopher De La Cruz, 28, is believed to have broken his neck in the accident on Sunday morning, however, an autopsy will confirm his exact cause of death.

According to authorities, De La Cruz was on his way to work when he died.

Jose De La Cruz, his father, was devastated.

“What can I say?” says the speaker. The father was wailing. “He made a blunder.”

His son was a 4-year-old boy’s father.

The father stated, “He was a good man.” “He was an excellent father.”

De La Cruz was discovered unconscious at the Forest Hills-71st Ave. subway station in Forest Hills around 6:45 a.m. Sunday, according to authorities.

He was pronounced dead on the spot by medics, and now security video acquired by the Daily News shows his dying moments.

De La Cruz, who was carrying a rucksack on his shoulders, attempted to jump over the barrier at least a dozen times, slipping on the initial try and continually attempting to get his feet over the turnstile bar.

He seemed wobbly on his feet, and officers suspected he had been drinking.


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