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Mum Laura Graham, aged 26, kills herself after dropping her baby off at grans



After dealing with stress, this lovely young and much-loved mother took her own life on Christmas Day.

Laura Graham, 26, had left her 10-month-old baby Elsie with her mother at 9 p.m. on December 25 and returned to her Seacroft, Leeds, home.

When her daughter didn’t answer her phone on Boxing Day morning, her mother, Debbie Graham, became more anxious.

Laura’s residence was broken into by her and a worried neighbour, who unfortunately discovered her dead.

‘I’m really in shock, to be honest, it’s all a blur,’ Debbie, 48, said. She’s been depressed for a long time due to her epilepsy.

‘She was having a lot of fits and she was quite stressed out.’ On Christmas Eve, about 9 p.m., her sister walked her home. We didn’t see her again after that.’

Debbie had regularly watched after baby Elsie overnight while Laura was recuperating from an epileptic attack.

Laura was supposed to have suffered from depression for a long time as a result of her ailment, but she had never told anybody about it.

When Laura didn’t answer calls in the morning, Debbie stated she became worried.

‘I had the impression she was probably asleep in her bed,’ she continued. ‘We waited a little longer but couldn’t reach her, so we climbed up.’

‘I had a backup key, but she had locked her key in the inside door lock, so I couldn’t get in.’

‘I didn’t want to call the cops because she was asleep in her bed, so I contacted a neighbor, who came over and broke through the kitchen window and climbed upstairs.

‘I’ve been in shock ever since.’ It’s starting to sink in one minute, and then it’s gone the next.


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