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Kae Leaderae Death: Why did Miss Sexy commit suicide – cause of death, age, wiki & bio



This is such a shame that a well-known Thai billionaire and the CEO of a large clinic has ended her life in such a dreadful way.

According to reports published on Sunday, Kae Leaderae, also known as Miss Sexy, leapt over the roof of her clinic building, jumped off and died hours after she was taken to a hospital. The cause or motive for her behaviour is unknown.

Miss Sexy is a millionaire in Thailand, having graduated from the Doctor of Cosmetology program and owning a large clinic. She was awarded the CEO Leader Award in 2018.

When the former sultry model and socialite committed herself to death by jumping from her Wang Thong Lang beauty salon last week, she left a trail of blood.

Kae, also known as Kae Laprim or Kanyakorn Supkankarcharoen, is a 30-year-old Thai woman who lives in Bangkok.

Her pals claim that CCTV footage from the clinic indicates she leapt from the third floor on the evening of Sept 7, after taking weedkiller but finding the agony too severe to handle.

She was rushed to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries the next day.

She had appeared on a TV show the day before to make identical accusations against Aerk, informing her presenter that it would be the last time her followers saw her.

Her host, long-time friend Teerasak “Ko” Puntujariya, with whom she had confessed in a Line conversation soon before her TV appearance about her issues, did not pick up on her meaning that she meant to end it all.

Maya Channel was slated to run the program yesterday night, with her family’s permission, which media sites excitedly predicted would “break open” the procedures at the city temple where her burial is being placed.

Kae’s strange death, which was accompanied by over-the-top personal dramas akin to a Thai soap opera, has held Thais enthralled all week as friends came out to voice their worries about why she took her own life, with some even speculating that she was poisoned rather than choosing to die willingly.

Her business partner Aerk, who has mostly avoided attending her burial, has emerged as the antagonist of the story while insisting that he did nothing wrong and that they kept in communication until her death.

According to a muck-raking FB site that claims to have obtained her suicide note, Kae was angry at Aerk, whom she says was using her name to deceive people out of their money.

She claims she herself fell victim to Aerk’s scheming after she gave him 14 million baht saved for a green Lamborghini. Kae said that rather than buying it with cash for her as intended, he quietly put a deposit on the vehicle and pocketed the rest. A similar fate befell a Mercedes Benz of hers with Aerk allegedly taking it in to be financed.

Kae was so upset with the shenanigans that she declared she no longer wanted to be known as Kae Lederer, an industry name she took from a beauty clinic she used to run with Aerk, but in future wanted to be known as Kae Laprim, which takes its name from her new clinic where she was to jump to her death.

Muddying the waters further, Kae was said to have got engaged shortly before her death to a businessman known as Paul, who hails supposedly from the family running the Huawei telephone empire.

Paul, who also took a stake in her Laprim clinic, was said to be close to Aerk, with both causing their share of headaches for Kae, who had kept her parents in the dark about her engagement.

The funeral started on a dramatic note with Aerk ordering followers to erect large white barriers around the pavilion where her body was held. He also asked the media to stop covering the story.

He wrote on social media that the family requested privacy and harboured no doubts about the cause of death. Kae’s parents later complained about the barriers, saying they wanted the funeral to be a more open affair.

By mid-week, news of the suicide note and her tell-all interview had emerged. On Thursday, Aerk broke his silence to post an image of himself at the funeral, to counter claims he was too scared to show his face.

“I was at the hospital all day with Kae before she died but didn’t feel the need to say anything,” he said. “I couldn’t stay on at the funeral as I was tied up elsewhere. I created and molded her…there’s no way I would try to bring down this star that I created by my own hand,” he wrote.

His post was savaged by Kae’s friend, actress Kamonwan “Elle” Srivilai, who suggested he turned up briefly for water pouring rites on the first day then quickly left before the monks had finished chanting.

Elle added she had seen Kae four days before her death, when she complained of being tired and having little time for friends. “She had a history of depression going back three or four years, had been to see a psychiatrist and had tried to kill herself many times,” she revealed.

Another friend, model Perawatch “Aa” Herabut, who knew Kae for about 10 years, doubts depression or financial worries alone lie behind his friend’s mysterious death, as she was a resilient type. “I believe something else triggered it, and want like the media to investigate,” he said.

Chokchai police say they are waiting until the funeral is over before the probe gets properly under way.


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