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Elvy Sukaesih Biodata, agama, age, husband, bio, wiki, profile



Elvy Sukaesih:

Real Name: Elvy Sukaesih
Age: —–
Nationality: Indonesia
Profession: Music artist  & Actor
Popular Song: Bisik-Bisik Neighbor

Who Is Elvy Sukaesih:

Elvy, a well-known Indonesian singer, has been performing since she was a toddler. She was elected Queen of Indonesian Dangdut after switching organizations.

Elvy Sukaesih is a famed dangdut singer in Indonesia, well known for the hit song “Bisik-Bisik Neighbor.”

Her signature is the look in his eyes while he performs the song. This woman, who was born on June 25, 1951, in Jakarta, was known as the Queen of Indonesian Dangdut. She has been interested in singing since she was in the third grade.

Her musical skill was inherited from her father, Muhamad Ali, a professional musician. She enjoys accompanying her father to West Java weddings where he performs. The owner of the true name Else Sukaesih was urged by her father to perform alone on stage when she was 13 years old, and she was successful in her first appearance.

At the age of 14, Elvy married Zaidun Zeidh Abu Bakar Jindan, an Arab young man. They have six children as a result of their marriage.

Elvy’s career is on the rise. She became a member of the Pancaran Muda Malay Orchestra and the Purnama Malay Orchestra, among others.

Elvy got the opportunity to sing with the Malay Sonnet Orchestra in the 1970s, accompanying the monarch of Dangdut Rhoma Irama.

After OM Sonnet released Raja and Ratu in 1975, her popularity skyrocketed. Elvy didn’t stay with OM Sonnet for long because she opted to pursue a solo career.

Elvy entered the field of acting after becoming popular as a dangdut singer. She starred in four films at the same time in 1977, including Asoy, Tiada Seindah Cintamu, Jalal Kojak False, and Curious.

Elvy’s musical and acting careers go hand in hand. She is actively working on producing singles and albums, on the other hand, Elvy is also active in films until 1986.

Other films that she played, namely Cubit-Pinch (1979), The Love Story of Rojali and Zuleha (1979), Irama Cinta (1980), Gaya Merayu (1980), Senggol-Senggolan (1980), and Mandi Madu (1986).

The mother of the soap opera Dhawiya Zaida also filled the soundtrack for the film Senggol-Senggolan which she also played. She is classified as very active in creating musical works.

Dozens of albums have been released by Elvy Sukaesih. Among them are Pinch Pinch, Colak-Colek, Can’t Hold It, Harvest Party, Whisper of Love, Widow’s Fate, Elvy Sukaesih Vol. 2 (Hits: Rocking Dangdut), Rings of Fake, Whispers of Neighbors, and Sweets.

In 2002, Elvy’s husband died. Zaidun Zeidh Abu Bakar Jindan passed away after being treated for 2 days at St Carolus Hospital due to a heart attack.

After 2 years, Elvy released Elvy Sukaesih’s Exclusive Album with the hits Midnight Bells. After that, the mother of the Fitria swordsman did not release a solo album for a long time. Until 2014, she released the song Seujung Kuku.

During her journey, Elvy has collaborated with other top musicians, namely Hasjim Khan, Mamiek Slamet, Latief M., Mansyur S., Riza Umami, and Eddy Silitonga.

She has also been awarded the AMI Award for Best Female Dangdut Solo Artist (2005), Golden Achievement Award for Spirit Cultural Asean Communitas’ from the Djohor and Kelantan Sultanates (2015), and the Lifetime Achievement Award by SCTV Music Awards (2016).

Entering the age of sixties, she still exists as a singer. In fact, she was asked to be a jury in the search for Indonesian dangdut singers on a television station. Her educating comments and setting a good example further confirms that the title of Queen of Dangdut is still worthy of being pinned to her.


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