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Did Bumpy Johnson Snitch? How Did Bumpy Johnson Die? – Things You Need To Know!



Bumpy Johnson, who died 58 years ago, was revived by the Godfather of Harlem TV program. Bumpy Johnson was a legendary drug lord in the 1960s who was also a cold-blooded criminal.

And his acts were too heinous for the people to admire his anarchy at the time. This is the story of the iconic, widely-feared mobster Bumpy Johnson, from his petty-theft formative years to the murders and kidnappings of his maturity.

A bump on the back of Johnson’s skull earned him the moniker Bumpy. Johnson’s older brother, Willie, was accused of killing a white man when he was ten years old.

We’ll disclose more about Bumpy John in this post, including who he was and how he spent his life when he was alive.

Who Was Bumpy Johnson & How Did He Die?

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1905 Bumpy Johnson was an incredible criminal & a notorious 1960’s drug kingpin. A Bump on the back of his skull earned him the moniker Bumpy.

Willie, his elder brother, was accused of murdering a white man when he was ten years old.

His parents mortgaged their little house to acquire money to send Willie up north to live with relatives, fearful of a lynch mob.

Johnson’s parents were concerned about his quick temper and insolence toward whites as he grew older, so he was sent to live with his elder sister Mabel in Harlem in 1919. Johnson dropped out of high school and started working in a shady environment.

William Hewett, a gangster, began to take notice of him. Johnson began working for him and began his criminal career.

In December 1965, Johnson went on a sit-in strike in a police station, refusing to leave in protest of their continued surveillance. He was charged with “refusing to leave a police station,” but the charge was dropped.

How Did Bumpy Johnson Die?:- Bumpy Johnson died in 1968, at the age of 62, according to official records. Congestive heart failure was the cause of his death.

Bumpy was facing federal indictment for drug conspiracy accusations when he died.

He was at Wells Restaurant in Harlem soon before 2 a.m., when he fell over holding his chest minutes after the waitress had given him coffee, a chicken leg, and hominy grits.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in April, and his death came just months later.

Did Bumpy Johnson Snitch? Was He A Snitch?

According to sources acquainted with the Bumpy Johnson case, he didn’t simply snitch on cops; he also snitched on other gangsters and hustlers.

However, in an exclusive interview with VLAD TV, Frank Lucas discussed Bumpy Johnson and being labelled a snitch.

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