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Cassandra Angela Biodata, Lengkap, Ikatan Cinta, Agama, Profile



Cassandra Angelie:

Real Name: Cassandra Angelie
Age: 24yrs
Nationality: Indonesia
Profession: Acting
Rumoured Cases: Prostitution cases

Who Is Cassandra Angelie:

Cassandra Angelie is an Indonesian celebrity, as well as an artist and influencer whose star is rising.

After confessing that she was hired for Rp. 30 million every date, she became a topic of talk.

When she was found nude at a fancy hotel in Jakarta, she confessed in front of the Polda Metro Jaya investigators.

Cassandra is a soap opera actress who stars as Vera in Ikatan Cinta.

She frequently posts sensual images to her Instagram account, @cassangeliee. This includes going to the beach.

She has a hot body and a stunning face. Men’s gazes were thrown off by her lovely features.

Cassandra’s most recent post depicts her in a public setting, such as an airport.

Cassandra Angelie looks sultry in a floral dress, revealing her thighs.

She is also a model and a social media influencer. Some of the photographs she took while shooting is included in her Instagram post.

Cassandra also shared a picture of herself showering. Her body is encased in a bathtub, which is set to black and white.

Cassandra Angelie now has over 39K Instagram followers. Following his involvement in a prostitution case, her following exploded.

By the year 2022, she will only be 24 years old. She appears as Vera in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Full Biography Of Cassandra Angela:

Apart from prostitution cases, Cassandra often steals attention because of her charming face. Intrigued by her figure.

Cassandra has never been open about her personal life but once wrote that her family called her the most successful child. It is known that Cassandra has several older sisters.

“ My family: You are a source of trouble, a burden. Then, after a year later: You are the only one who has succeeded in this family compared to your brothers and sisters, ” Cassandra wrote on TikTok on October 16, 2021.

Cassandra Angelie’s religion is reportedly Christian. This can also be seen from the cross necklace She wears and there is also a cross tattoo near her chest. She is also rumoured to have Arab blood.

She has appeared in Ikatan Cinta with the role of Vera. Unmitigated, Cassandra has competed in acting with the main characters of the Love Association, namely Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka.

She rarely indulges in intimacy with someone and mostly shares her own self-portrait.

Cassandra once revealed the type of guy she likes. She claimed to see someone from her establishment.

“Obviously, looking at cleanliness, secondly, I’m realistic, whether it’s established or not. Yes, let’s be realistic because I’m looking for something serious, not kidding,” said Cassandra as quoted from YouTube Lingga Ferdyan.

In Instagram highlights, Cassandra once shared a post that her name was used for fraud. The WhatsApp account that used Cassandra’s name often asked people to make video calls.




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