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Sara Marot Death: French voice actor reportedly dies, age, wiki, bio, cause of death



Sara Marot, a French voice actor, is said to have died.

Mellissa Joan Hart confirmed the news of her death on Twitter on Sunday.

Melissa stated: “Sarah Marot died recently, and I was saddened to learn of her death. She played the French voice of Sabrina in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and she is a brilliant voice actor. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies to her family and friends.”


Sarah Marot was a French actress, she died on December 30, 2021, after being born in Paris on January 8, 1973.

She is also a dubbing artist, and she is the regular French voice of Melissa Joan Hart and Hillary Tuck, as well as Mila Kunis’ initial voice.

She was also known for The Little Prince (2010), Yo-kai Watch 3 (2018) and The Amazing Spiez! (2009)

Sarah studied theatre for four years under Marcelle Hervé Rançon.

She spent two years with Catherine Brieux in the Art Ensemble Theater of the Five Diamonds Shooting: no one is flawless.

She did the dubbing in July 2014 –

Mellissa Joan Hart is a character in the film Mellissa Joan Hart Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a television series that aired from 1996 to 2003. That show from the 1970s. – Mila kunisDegrassi: Annie ClarkSeries darling I shrunk the kids: Hillary Tuck

Kelly and Tony Marot, both actors, are her siblings.

Sarah’s filmography

1989: Little Red Riding Hood : Linet ( Amelia Shankley )
1992: Stormwind Heights : Child Cathy ( Jessica Hennell )
1992: Beethoven 2 : Ryce Newton ( Nicholle Tom )
1993: Dead End : Bree Anderson ( Tiffany Taubman )
1994: True Lies : Dana Tasker ( Eliza Dushku )
1998: Lethal Weapon 4 : Carrie Murtaugh ( Ebonie Smith )
1998: Disturbing Behaviors : Lorna Longley ( Crystal Cass )
1999: A Stolen Life : Polly “Torch” Clark ( Elizabeth Moss )
2001: Princess in spite of herself : Amélia “Mia” Thermopolis ( Anne Hathaway )
Animated films
1991 [1] : The Seventh Little Brother : Ludivine
Barbie Fairytopia : Dandelion
Barbie Mermaidia : Dandelion
Barbie Rainbow Magic : Dandelion
Barbie Princess of the Marvelous Island : Gina
Tinker Bell and the Fairy Tournament : Lilac
Drawn Together : Princess Clara
2010: The Kingdom of Ga’hoole : Otulissa
2021: Sailor Moon Eternal : Cere-Cere / Sailor Cérès


*TV movies
Melissa Joan Hart in:
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996): Sabrina Spellman
Holiday in Handcuffs ( Holiday in Handcuffs ) (2007): Trudie Chandler
Island of Secrecy (2008): Jill Roperson
Marriage in White (2009): Jennifer
Love rhymes with always : Rachel Sanchez ( Hillary Tuck )
Mansfield Park : Fanny Price ( Billie Piper )
The Elixir of Evil : Jill ( Sonia Curtis )

TV shows:

Hillary Tuck in:
Honey I Shrunk Kids : Amy Szalinski
Ghost Whisperer : Julia ( Season 4, Episode 4: Distress Signals )
90210 Beverly Hills: Next Generation : Erin
Three Rivers : Teri Dawson
NCIS: Special Investigations : Justine Booth (Season 9, Episode 3)
Horseland : Zoe

Melissa Joan Hart in:

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch : Sabrina Spellman
New York, Special Unit : Sarah Trent ( Season 9, Episode 3: Prisoner of Desire )
Here ! : Krissy
Mila Kunis in:
That ’70s Show : Jacqueline “Jackie” Burkhardt
Home Seven : Ashley (Season 1, Episode 7)
My Uncle Charlie (2015): Vivian (Season 11, Episode 19)
Pasty ( Libby Letlow ) in Masked Rider
Katherine “Kate” Corrigan ( Alexandra Purvis ) in Poltergeist: Raiders of the Supernatural
Laura Lee Winslow ( Kellie Shanygne Williams ) in Family Life
Isabel Coates ( Nicole Fiscella ) in Gossip Girl
Various roles in Goosebumps
Brandy ( Marnette Patterson ) in Time Out (Season 1, Episode 11: Family Conspiracy )
Sofia Isabella Valez ( Chrissie Fit ) in Dr House
Rachelle ( Taylor Dooley ) in Dr House
a homeless ( Marissa Ingrasci ) in Dr House
Poppy Bowen ( Brigid Brannagh ) in American Gothic (season 1, episode 4: The Junkyard )
Cassidy Cornell ( Katrina Devine ) in Power Rangers: Dino Tonnerre
Fran ( Sarah Thompson ) in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury
Alma Walker ( Britne Oldford ) in American Horror Story: Asylum
Shonda Farr in Smallville (Season 1, Episode 18: The Killer Bees)
Fiona Coyne (Annie Clark) in Degrassi: New Generation (season 10 to 12)

Animation series:
Tom the Dinosaur : Wanda
Babar : Isabelle (main voice)
The Little Prince : Followers of Okoda ( Planet of the Okidians episode )
Sailor Moon : Chibi Chibi, Sailor Iron Mouse (season 5)
Breadwinners : Kitta
Fairy Tail : Biska Moulin, Cherry Brendy, Beth Vanderwood
2013-2018 : Yo-kai Watch : Ariane Célestin
Video games
2016 : Yo-kai Watch 3 : Ariane Célestin
Skylanders : Sprocket, Scratch
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (pc): Sabrina Spellman
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (ps1): Sabrina Spellman


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