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Who is Melissa Mcatee: The Pfizer Whistleblower, age, biography and Wiki



Melissa Mctatee:

Real Name: Melissa Mctatee
Age: —–
Nationality: US
Profession: Former Manufacturing Quality Auditor at Pfizer
Why Is She Trending: Covid-19 Vaccinene Conspiracy theorists

Who Is Melissa Mctatee And Why Is Much Interested About Covid-19 Vaccines

Melissa Mctatee will be interviewed by Fran Marie as she sheds additional insight on the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination.

For Those Of You Interested In Who She Is:

Melissa McAtee was a former Manufacturing Quality Auditor at Pfizer.

Melissa has been so crazy about covid-19 immunizations for a long time that one of her Instagram postings from only last week prompted several of her followers to query about the vaccine’s effectiveness.

McAtee is a top-trending subject on social media, with a large number of MDNTV followers and anti-vaxxers equally looking forward to the bombshells McAtee is likely to reveal.

Last week she was a guest on The Francene Marie Show on Wednesday when she talked about the weird things that happened to her while working as a manufacturing quality auditor at a Pfizer factory in McPherson, Kansas.

She believes the vaccination contains some sort of Luciferases.

McAtee claims her antennae went up when she noticed luciferase on a vaccine production line despite being promised that the luminous molecule was not utilized in Pfizer products in an interview with Francene Marie.

Her doubts intensified after reading conspiracy theories from conservative news source Newsmax’s White House journalist Emerald Robinson, who claimed that ‘Big Pharma’ was using luciferase in vaccinations to monitor individuals.

She thinks that graphene oxide is included in vaccinations.

Another stunning claim made by McAtee was that she discovered documentation indicating the presence of graphene oxide in a number of Pfizer viles after reciting a prayer asking God to direct her to her purpose (she was unhappy at her work).

According to Health Desk, graphene oxide, a carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen molecule, is not included as a component in any World Health Organization-approved vaccination, including Pfizer’s.

While graphene oxide is not currently in use, experts believe it might be an important component in vaccine delivery in the future. Lipid nanoparticles, which are small balls of fat, are now employed in mRNA vaccines “to preserve delicate RNA molecules so the vaccine may enter the human body without being damaged,” according to Health Desk.

“In the future, graphene oxide might be a beneficial tool in vaccine administration since scientists and chemical engineers believe it can be developed to be a safe delivery vehicle for vaccines while also increasing their efficiency,” according to the researchers. “Graphene oxide, like lipid nanoparticles, is a nanoparticle that has recently been employed in an intranasal influenza vaccination platform with encouraging results,” according to Health Desk.

Mellisa wrote in her recent Instagram post:

“A SMART CONSUMER is someone who conducts their own research before buying a house or an automobile.

Conspiracy theorists are those who conduct their own investigation before putting something into their bodies.”

Could it be that she knew more about the vaccination than Pfizer and WHO are letting on?

The whole thing will let loose this evening as Fran Marie interviews her on this particular topic.

There has been a lot of debate over her statements, particularly on social media. Many people believe she revealed that those who received the Pfizer vaccination will be Bluetooth at some point.

Our cyber watch caught up with one of her viral posts a few months back, in which she detailed her experience with Pfizer, the manufacturer of the covid-19 vaccine.

Here are some quotes from her Instagram post:

Telegram was the first to notice them. The emails are authentic. Did project veritas make any changes to make them easier to read? Yes.

They did not, however, change any of the text or content in the emails. Just focusing on Pfizer’s falsehoods and deception.

Please, please,  These emails are true, and the screenshots were taken by me. These aren’t the only ones I have, though.

While I’d want to share the other ill things I have, I’m afraid I can’t just now. But fear not, my comrades in arms.

The truth will be revealed. Albert Bourla’s tale was a ruse…. For the time being. They’re attempting to frighten their employees and critics by puffing themselves up. But all they’re doing is adding fuel to the fire. Big Pharma, we know you’re to blame.

We’re on our way to get you. And it won’t stop with me. You are free to hang me in the public square, burn down my house, and steal all I possess.

But a storm is approaching, and it will rip the roof off Pfizer’s building. God is separating His children from the beast.

Rise up and refuse to follow orders. If you don’t want this jab, don’t be an experiment for the government.

Mellisa has appeared to be a vocal opponent of Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccination.


This is why she stopped working with Pfizer:

McAtee claimed in her interviews that she was sacked by Pfizer after blowing the whistle on their alleged wrongdoings.


However, the product inspector was deprived of her responsibilities, according to a letter of termination published on social media, for failing to return to work at the conclusion of her disability leave.

Mellissa was placed on disability leave from August 24 to October 19, 2021, according to the letter, which you can view below. During this time, McAtee began her whistleblower effort, leaking internal documents and making outrageous claims regarding Pfizer chemicals, which have since been debunked by the scientific community.

When she failed to show up for work on October 20, 2021, McAtee received a letter from the corporation advising her that the company had decided to treat her public remarks and failing to honor the expiration of her leave as a formal resignation.

In any event, if she had returned, she would have been dismissed for breaching her work agreement by leaking internal communications, according to the firm.


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