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Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry Pictures Twitter – Crime Scene & Autopsy Photos Surface On Reddit



Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry Crime Scene Fotos Has Surface, What Really Happened To Gabriel Khan, Is The Story True? The internet has gone hotter once again following a new revelation that is rocking Reddit. The story is all about a murder case involving young teenagers. After an autopsy was released, it is believed that Gabriel Kuhn was tortured and harassed by Daniel Patry a situation that later resulted in the young boy’s death. The incident which was to happen in 2021 was brought to life after the crime scene pictures surfaced on Twitter. Continue reading to know more about the whole story.

Who Was Gabriel Kuhn? What Was His Connection With Daniel Patry?

As per information, we gathered from the open internet, Gabriel Kuhn was a 12-year-old boy who passed through hell at the hand of Daniel Patry.

Reports say 16-year-old Daniel Patry was behind the death of Gabriel Kuhn. reports from sources further revealed that Kuhn had died at his home after suffering from serious injuries inflicted on him by Daniel Patry. Gabriel was tortured and harassed by Daniel, a situation which later resulted in his death.

The motive of the killing according to the investigation by police was linked to a multiplayer online video game called Tibia. Tibia is free to download online created in 1997. The game is one of the earliest and longest-running MMORPGs, with a popularity that peaked in 2007.

The police report states that the victim, Gabriel had borrowed some money estimated to be around 20,000 virtual currencies worth $1.55 from Daniel which he used to stake in the Tibia game.

When it was payback time, Gabriel refused to return back the money he borrowed from Daniel. His action probably pushed Daniel to assault and harass Gabriel in a bid to get his money back but unfortunately, the incident resulted in a homicide.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Crime Scene: The Autopsy Pictures Shows How The Killing Happened


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Daniel Patry had hit Gabriel Kuhn hard, according to his autopsy report. The young man was later strangled and killed. Kuhn was covered in blood after the confrontation, but Patry continued to laugh and abuse him.

After Gabriel threatened to divulge Daniel’s family secrets, the dispute became even more heated. Eventually, he fumed. Patry threw a rope around Kuhn’s neck and coiled it around his neck. After losing his breath, the 12-year-old died.

After murdering Gabriel, Daniel decided to hide his lifeless body in the attic, which was 1.80 meters above the ground, in order to hush his heinous deed.

The corpse was eventually discovered with its legs split at a neighbour’s house about midday.  Daniel told the authorities that he attached Gabriel’s body to a thread with the use of a ladder in an attempt to suspend it.

Because of the weight of the body. He had hacked off the legs with a saw and then dumped the body in the house of a neighbour.

Gabriel was still alive when both of his legs were severed, according to the autopsy. Furthermore, the cause of death was determined as excessive blood loss.

Gabriel’s brother, according to reports, was the one who discovered the body’s torso at the front entrance and the broker’s legs sprawled out. His desperate shouts attracted the attention of a neighbour, who contacted the cops. The boy’s assailant was quickly discovered.

Where Is Gabriel Kuhn Now?

Because Daniel Felipe Petry was under the age of 18, he was referred to the Children’s and Youth Prosecutor’s Office, securing his placement in a juvenile delinquent centre, where he would have received a three-year term.

After delivering his statements, Gabriel Kuhn was escorted to the IML by the Public Ministry. Mônica Papst, the deputy prosecutor for kids and youth, demanded the minor’s preliminary custody after hearing the suspect.

Gabriel was later sentenced to three years in prison for murder. The entire procedure was carried out in complete secrecy, and the killer was never heard from again.

“Gabriel cheated and I’ll make him pay for all of his acts,” Petry exclaimed crazily in the reformatory. “As he said, heaven and hell exist, there he is, I’ll see him there, and I’ll take retribution again.”

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