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What Did Tizzyent TikTok Do? Who Is Tizzy, That Danesh Guy & His Controversy



TizzyEnt (Michael):

Real Name: Michael
Age: —–
Popular For: Exposing fake Covid-19 vaccine card seller
Nationality: United States Of America
Social Handles: Titok & Instagram

Who Is Tizzy? What’s The Drama and Controversy All About? TikToker  Tizzyent or Tizzy is making headlines on Tiktok and is gaining the attention of many after the viral post he made on his wall.

Tizzy had during the Covid-19 trended after he exposed a fake vaccine card scam. Tizzy whose real name is Micheal had during the time Covid-19 was hitting hard caught up with a woman identified as AntiVasMomma on Instagram advertising fake Covid vaccination cards.

He reported the woman to the FBI who was later arrested and charged for selling hundreds of fake vaccination cards.

Who Is Tizzy:

Tizzy or TizzyEnt is a notable Tiktoker who rose to fame came after uncovering a COVID vaccine fraud on his Tiktok.

He reportedly discovered the phoney vaccination card being sold online for hundreds of dollars without having received the shot and quickly denounced it to police.

Michael, his real name, is known for making films on TikTok about noteworthy things that touch people’s lives. He has made videos about anything from current events to viral internet topics.

However, the TikTok creator’s video was used by the authorities to track down fraudsters who were selling phoney vaccination cards to individuals and stealing hundreds of dollars.

On His Tiktok Videos:

Over 49 million people have liked his videos. Tizzy is a filmmaker and a fisherman, according to recent revelations.

TikTok has a fantastic sense of humour and responds to films that are serious in nature with snarky responses.

He is not hesitant to express his thoughts, which may or may not be well received by his fans, but most of the time they find him entertaining.

Several media outlets recently commended the Tiktoker after he assisted in exposing an ongoing anti-vax scam in which an anti-vax woman sold vaccination cards for a few hundred dollars so that individuals might be registered even if they had not been vaccinated.


About His Story On Fake Covid-19 Vaccination Card:

When Michael saw Instagrammer Jasmine Clifford publicly selling a fraudulent vaccination card on her profile, he was grateful. She was also hoping to grow her business by contacting hospital and drugstore employees.

The anti-vaxxer posing as a Walgreen employee was then contacted by the Tiktokker, who got to the bottom of the hoax. Clifford informed him that she has someone in New York who will add the names of persons who have not been vaccinated into the database.

What Later Happened To Jasmine Clifford:

The lady was charged with criminal possession of counterfeit vaccination cards after Tizzyent reported the fraud to the FBI.

His Instagram account has almost 106 thousand followers. Though as a popular Tiktoker, Tizzy is affectionately known, enjoys sharing similar photos on his Instagram feed. Although the content producer receives a lot of backlash for his articles, he remains unafraid to voice his viewpoint on the internet.

What Did Tizzyent TikTok Do? Controversy & Drama Explained

Tizzyent became embroiled in a scandal after a girl accused him of being a paedophile, to which he reacted on the site, potentially jeopardizing her identity.

Because he was a well-known figure, he saw that harsh remarks on social media might shatter a person, and he was grateful that the girl did not fall victim to the virtual world’s wrath.

The girl was allegedly continually calling Tizzyent a paedophile, and despite his attempts to reach out to her, she continued to torment him online. Despite Tizzyent confronting her online, she did the same, and as a result, he called out her partner.


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