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Fistfight breaks out in Kenyan parliamentary meeting over discussions on the Political Parties Bill amendment



Parliamentary deliberations were halted for nearly 10 minutes on Wednesday afternoon when MPs got into a fistfight over the national Political Parties (Amendment) Bill.

For the vote on Clause Six of the Bill, MPs varied on the method to be followed during the registration of a coalition political party.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome, a staunch supporter of Deputy President William Ruto, suggested the modification to the provision.

Kipsengeret Koros, a Sigowet-Soin MP, was slashed on the face during the mayhem.

During the meeting, MPs also sprayed each other with water.

Pro-Ruto lawmakers believe the proposed modification to the Political Parties Act is intended to allow Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja Movement to register as a coalition party before the 2022 election.

On a local television station on Tuesday, Ruto urged his supporters in Parliament to vote against the bill.

“Political parties are self-governing and have complete autonomy over their nominating processes.

Stop imposing an imperial Registrar of Political Parties on Kenyans, urged Ruto.



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