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EPL: Every Premier League Game Is Difficult – Lukaku



Every Premier Game Will Now Be Played Like Final

Chelsea Are Now Hunter Now

Chelsea striker, Romelu Lukaku says all premier league matches are very difficult to play. The soccer star stated after their stunning win against the host, Aston Villa in their yesterday Premier league match.

Lukaku’s goal yesterday helped his team to clinch victory. The match ended in 3 goals to 1 in favour of the guest, Chelsea.

The Blues are now in a three-horse Premier League title fight with Liverpool and Manchester City, after their win against Aston Villa.

Chelsea is currently tied for second place with Liverpool, who have a game in hand, and six points behind Manchester City.

During an after-match chat with Sky Sports, Lukaku described his team as hunters who are now ready to match up with Manchester City and Liverpool. He also said that they now going to take every of their Premier League games of this season as final.

“From now until the conclusion of the season, every game is a final for us; you have to treat them as such because every game in the Premier League is extremely difficult.”

However, we won today, and now we must continue to pursue.”

“We had to do a job today; we had to win the game,” he continued. Credit to Steven Gerrard, his staff, and their players; they have a very excellent squad, and it wasn’t easy for us.

“Now we have to keep pushing forward and make every game a final.” “It’s a win-win situation.”


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