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“COVID: In South Africa, almost 38% of adults have been fully vaccinated” – Health Department



The South African Health Department said on Monday that over 38 per cent of individuals in the country had gotten complete covid-19 immunization.

Sibongiseni Dhlomo, the Deputy Health Minister, said he is pleased that about 70% of the country’s elderly residents have now been properly vaccinated.

It is asking the rest of the populace to obtain the vaccine as well.

“We’re sitting at roughly 38 percent adult population, which is moreover 15 million individuals who are completely vaccinated,” said Sibongiseni Dhlomo, Deputy Health Minister.

“Across the country, we’ve utilized 27 million dosages.”

The new Omicron type is being blamed for a dramatic increase in Covid infection rates in portions of South Africa.

To prevent the spread of the variation, which was initially discovered in South Africa, additional border restrictions have been enforced throughout the world.


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