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Briar Huff Ivmpd Dead – What Was Officer Briar Huff Cause Of Death?



What Happened To Ivmpd Officer Briar Huff Las Vegas? Yet another sad news that surfaced on the internet has it that Police officer 2, Briar Huff working with the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department sadly passed away after Christmas Eve. The news of her death has brought sadness to people around her community and the Las Vegas police department. More details about Briar Huff will be enveloped below.

Who Was Briar Huff? Few Things You Need To Know About Her!

Briar Huff IVMPD

From what we could gather from the open internet and social media, Briar Huff was an IVMPD officer working with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

She was always a nice and kind person, wanting to help people, despite her almost ten-year career in law enforcement. Because of her line of work, there was little information about her on the internet, and no Wikipedia page was made in her name.

What Was Briar Huff Cause Of Death?

Briar Huff died on December 25th, 2021, according to reports. The public was informed of her demise through the Salute The Blue Facebook page. Her reason of death or what caused her untimely death was never revealed to the world.

Salute The Blue Facebook Post On Briar Huff’s Death Read Below:-

NEVER FORGET OFFICER BRIAR HUFF: We are sad to report that Police Officer 2 Briar Huff with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sadly passed away on 12/25/2021. With a career in law enforcement for close to a decade, she was always a kind-hearted and friendly person, willing to help others and be a strong role model for myself and many others. Our prayers are going out to the family, loved ones, and friends who are affected by this unthinkable tragedy. We are sending all the love we can to you all.

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