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Who Was Alicia Cardenas & What Was Her Cause Of Death? Tattoo Artist Killed In Denver Shooting, Obituary



What Happened To Alicia Cardenas? Is She Dead Or Alive? Another shocking news that surfaced on the internet a while ago has it that talented and one of the best tattoo artists in the world, Alicia Cardenas has sadly and unexpectdely passed away. The news of her death has brought sadness and grief to her fans around the world. Her artistic works touched every corner of the entertainment industry. Continue reading to know more about Alicia Cardenas, her brief profile and biography, lifestyle and a lot more.

Who Was Alicia Cardenas? Few Things You Need To Know About Her!

Alicia Cardenas was a powerful voice in the body art and piercing community. Born and raised in the city of Denver where she has worked on body modification for almost her entire life.

Her journey to become a tattoo artist began in 1994 as a teenager when she was 16-year-old. At that time she was working and apprenticing at Bound by design and after one year she began piercing professionally.

Alicia Cardenas in 1997 decided to open her first shop, Twisted Sol, Denver’s first custom tattoo and professional body piercing studio.

In 2008, she launched her tattooing career in addition to her wide knowledge of body modification, and in 2009, after twelve beautiful years at Twisted Sol’s Cap Hill location, she and veteran store manager Kevin Strawbridge opened Sol Tribe on Broadway.

In the last two decades, she has worked as an instructor for the National Safety Council, where she has taught workshops on blood-borne viruses since 1999.

What Was Alicia Cardenas?


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Alicia Cardenas was reported to have unexpectedly and suddenly lost her on December 27 2021. According to reports, the strong and incredible woman tragically lost her life due to a senseless, deadly shooting spree in Denver Colorado that took the lives of four people and injured many others.

The motive of the shooting is still yet unknown as authorities are on working on an investigation in relation to the incident.

Denver Shooting: Here’s What Really Happened!

The tragic and shocking that left many speechless what was said to have happened on December 27 2021.

It was reported by authorities that a lone shooter embarked on a shooting rampage across six places in Colorado, killing four people and injuring three more, including an officer who is battling for his life before the suspected was shot and killed by police.

The shooting began at 5 p.m. when the shooter shot and killed two ladies and injured a man in downtown Denver.

According to Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen, the man fired gunfire twice from his car at cops chasing him, causing a police cruiser to be disabled.

Before departing the scene, police claim the suspect killed two ladies and wounded one guy.

Shortly after, the suspect fatally shot another individual at 12th Avenue and Williams Street in the Cheeseman Park area.

After that, the suspect opened fire on 6th Avenue and Cherokee Street, as well as 8th Avenue and Zuni Street.

However, no injuries were recorded at either site, according to authorities.

According to reports, he resumed his murder spree in Lakewood.

Denver Police At The Scene Of The Shooting

Just before 6 p.m., he was reported in the suburb, shooting and murdering one individual at the junction of Colfax Avenue and Kipling Street.

Lakewood police officers soon discovered his car in the Belmar neighbourhood. Following the gunman’s shot at police, gunfire was exchanged.

He then dashed into a neighbouring business, brandishing his firearm, before shooting a clerk at the Hyatt House hotel.

The clerk was transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

The gunman was described as a tall, blonde man wearing a trench coat by witnesses.

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