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kickbokser overleden from Liège who did not believe in corona: Fred Sinistra “The undertaker” dies, Wikipedia, death, cause of death, bio



The kickboxing champion from Liège who did not believe in corona: Fred “The undertaker” Sinistra has passed away at age 41.

The Liège kickboxer Fred Sinistra , who was several times Belgian, European and world champion, has passed away.

At the end of November, he was hospitalized in intensive care with a corona infection, but he quickly returned home on his own initiative.

According to French-language media, Sinistra was a denier of the corona pandemic and would never have wanted to pronounce “COVID-19”.
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Fred “The undertaker” Sinistra from Liège is known in the martial arts world as a great champion.

He became Belgian, European and world kickboxing champion several times.

On Thursday, December 16, his death was announced on his social media, triggering a shock wave. Last Friday there was a great tribute by people from the boxing world in Liège, last Tuesday he was buried.

There are no details about the exact circumstances of his death. However, Sinistra was admitted to the intensive care department of the university hospital in Liège at the end of November with what was most likely COVID-19.

“In all likelihood”, because according to French-language media, Sinistra was a denier of the corona pandemic. Reportedly, he would never have even wanted to pronounce the term “COVID-19”.

In messages that Sinistra posted on social media after his hospitalization, there is in any case not a word about corona.

“Unfortunately I have to cancel a boxing camp in the French city of Nîmes on December 4.

I am disgusted, but I am still alive thanks to my wife and my coach. My lungs are attacked by many diseases. The inflammation values ​​are at 165, while it is between 0 and 5,” he wrote cryptically.

Forced to go to hospital

Coach Osman Yigin told French-language media that he forced Sinistra to go to the hospital.

“I told him I didn’t want to train him anymore if he didn’t go to the hospital,” it sounded after Sinistra’s death.

Sinistra followed his coach’s orders but did not stay long in the hospital. He wanted to return home after a few days and was released from the hospital on his own initiative.

At home, according to French-speaking media, he would have helped himself with an oxygen bottle. His last message was dated December 13. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported me for years, especially for this last ordeal where I have really seen death.” Sinistra died on December 15.

“My husband did not die from COVID-19”

Two days ago, Sinistra’s wife wrote a long and emotional message on his social media, strongly contradicting that her husband died of COVID-19.

“He would never have accepted that what happened to him was used to spread fear and promote vaccination.” (…) “I make it a point of honor and I will fight to the end to restore the truth and clear his name of all that slander, both about his family and about his death.”

According to the wife, a film about the life of Sinistra would be released next year.


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