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Mam Angie Diale Death, South African HIV Activist Has Passed Away



What Happened To Mam Angie Diale? How Did She Die? The shocking news that has rocked the South African atmosphere has it that popular South African HIV Activist, Mam Angie Diale has sadly passed away. Mrs Diale has helped many people, saved marriages and changed many lives throughout the journey of her career. Her death came as a shock to people who believed in her.

Mam Angie also a marriage and relationship counsellor, spokesperson and SABC 1 (relate) presenter were reported to have died in the early hours of today December 23rd 2021. According to an official statement released by the family, Angie died at Leratong Hospital on Thursday where she was receiving treatment. The statement said she died of a pneumonia-an infection that inflamed one or two lung air sacs.

“She was short of breath and was subsequently treated at Tshepo Themba Hospital yesterday. She was later transferred to Leratong and she passed away sadly in the early hours of the morning,” it read.

The family further requested some privacy at this time to deal with the sudden loss.

“We kindly ask for some privacy and time to deal with this sudden loss. The details of the memorial service and funeral will be confirmed at a later stage.”

Who Was Mam Angie Diale? Few Things You Need To Know About Her!

According to her profile on the open internet, Angie Diale was a South African HIV campaigner, advocate, health and relationship counsellor, and TV personality who is best known for hosting the SABC1 factual entertainment series Relate.

She was passionate about youth, parent, and community communication. She is presently facilitating It Takes Courage, a curriculum designed to help youth and adults define their ambitions and learn about good and harmful relationships by starting conversations in churches, schools, and on the street corners.

Angie was also the host of the reality show Please Step In on the television. She was committed to assisting the community, particularly adolescents and families that are experiencing turmoil.

She was a television personality who was diagnosed with HIV not long after giving birth to her son.

Angie has never been reluctant to speak openly about her HIV status because she wants to help others in similar situations and educate them about HIV.

Relate Angie brought several families that didn’t see eye to eye back together on her SABC show, restoring happiness and communication between them. Mam’Angie went from Relate to ask for your aid because she wanted to serve more families.

“After announcing my status at work, I was met with stigma and prejudice, but instead of feeling sorry for myself, I chose to embark on a mission to teach others about HIV and Aids,” she adds.


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