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Inside a commercial airline, a woman was caught breastfeeding her cat and this happened



Onboard a Delta aircraft, an American woman wasn’t kidding when she yanked out her breast and began nursing her cat.

The lady, whose identity has been concealed, was spotted nursing her cat on a flight from Syracuse, New York, to Atlanta, Georgia.

Her seatmate on the same aircraft had begged her to stop breastfeeding the cat, stating, “This is not a human baby, it’s a cat, this is awful,” according to a video shared online.

The incident was reported to one of the flight attendants, who repeatedly begged her to stop and put the cat in its cage, but she refused.

A message was sent to the Delta crew in Atlanta via the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) to inform them that a customer in seat 13A “is nursing a cat and would not put the cat back in a carrier when flight crew requested.”

On Nov. 13, flight attendant Ainsley Elizabeth, who was on board at the time of the event, came to TikTok to explain more about what happened.

“This woman had one of those hairless cats wrapped up with a blanket like a baby,” she explained. “Her shirt was up, and she couldn’t get the cat to latch on, and she wouldn’t put the cat back in the carrier.” “And the cat was wailing for help.”

The airline’s website also explains its regulations for mothers who are nursing their infants.

“Onboard Delta and Delta Connection aeroplanes, as well as in Delta facilities, Delta fully supports a woman’s choice to breastfeed.”

Onboard use of breast pumps is permitted.

Many airports offer private breastfeeding rooms or areas if that is what you desire,” the guideline adds.

Tiny dogs, cats, and house birds are allowed to fly domestically with Delta, but they must “fit in a small, vented pet carrier.” – says the airline.


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