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Who Is Chris Donah & What Was His Cause Of Death?, Curse Of Oak Island, Obituary



What Happened To Chris Donah? How Did He Die? Another shocking death news surfaced on the internet an hour ago and people have flooded social media to pen their tributes to the deceased. The sad news is that Chris Donah who was one of the casts of The Curse of Oak Island has passed away. Though he passed on a few months ago At the end of tonight’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, there was a memorial to Oak Island researcher Chris Donah. Continue to read to know more about Chris Donah, His biography, Profile and more of his lifestyle.

Who Was Chris Donah?

Not much was known about him on the open internet but he was notable for appearing on The Curse of Oak Island TV Show. He was a member of a secret research circle, the 17th century Rosicrucians and early Freemasons to the island. He specialized in astronomy.

He was one of the casts of the TV Series documentary (The Curse of Oak Island), a teacher at Potsdam Central School Dist and a baseball coach.

Chris Donah was born in Potsdam, New York on September 27, 1966, to the late Robert and Sally Storrie Donah. He graduated from Potsdam Central High School in 1984.

Chris was a fantastic baseball player in high school, winning numerous trophies throughout the years.

Chris attended Onondaga Community College before transferring to the University of South Carolina at Aiken. He was also a baseball player in college. Chris then went on to Ithaca College to pursue a master’s degree in sports medicine.

He took part in the graduate assistant program while he was there. Chris started his career as a teacher at St. Lawrence Lewis Boces. He drove a 100-mile loop every day for over ten years and loved every minute of it.

What Was Chris Donah Cause Of Death?

Full information about his cause of death or how he died was not disclosed to the public but according to a post made on an OBituary website, Chris Donah was reported to have suddenly passed away at his residence in the village of Potsdam on September 14th 2021.

He left behind his wife Angela Donah; sisters Robin Donah and Patricia (Rick) Clary; uncle Don Donah, and aunt Cathy Pillar.

Chris will surely be missed by many people who knew and whom he has impacted much to their lives.

Where Is Oak Island? How Did Chris Donah Got Featured In The TV Show?

In 2019, Chris was featured on one of the episodes of “The Curse Of Oak Island. He became interested in the subject of the Oak Island way back in 2003 long before it exited.

Following his regular research about the Oak, Chris over time developed his own theory that the secret to unlocking the Oak Island was in the stars. He believes astronomy may serve as a map.

Donah first communicated his theory with the producers of the television show in 2016. He went to Oak Island at the time and presented to the show’s stars.

Donah claimed to have been filmed, but the footage was never shown.

In August of 2018, he was approached by the show for the second time and invited to return.

This time, the show incorporated his hypothesis in the episode “Seismic Matters,” which aired on episode 21 of season 6.

Where Is Oak Island?…

Oak Island is off the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. Since the late 1700s, it has attracted treasure hunters who believe valuables are buried there. Some belief it to be pirate treasure, while others like Donah think it could be much older.

According to Donah, explorers discovered a depression in the ground near an oak tree and hung block and tackle from the tree. Planks and other constructions were discovered every 10 feet to a depth of 90 feet while digging.

At that depth, a stone was purportedly discovered that was marked with symbols, and when the stone was removed, the hole was allegedly flooded.

Treasure seekers have been searching for the answers for nearly 200 years.

“The Curse of Oak Island” follows the exploits of the latest treasure hunters, Rick and Marty Lagina, who own the island.


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