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Whitewood Community Mourns Sudden Demise Of Carter Bear



Who Was Carter Bear? What Happened To Him? Another sad and shocking news surfaced on the internet in the early hours of today and it has really changed the mood of everyone in the Whitewood Community. It’s really sad to lose something who is just starting his life with a bountiful hopeful future ahead. On Sunday the 19th, December 2021 news flooded social media that Carter Bear a grade 12 student of Whitewood School sadly passed away. Tributes flooded the internet as many who knew were shocked to hear such information. Continue to know more about what really happened.

Who Was Carter Bear?

Carter Bear a local ice hockey player was one of the Whitewood School grades 12 students. He was in his senior year at Whitewood School, was a member of the U18 Whitewood Jets and was employed at the Borderland Co-op C-Store in Whitewood.

His dedication is remembered by his family, friends, and others in the community. Bear had two jobs in addition to playing hockey for the U18 Whitewood Jets in his senior year of high school.

He was described as a young talent with many brighter hopes but was sadly taken away.

What Was Carter Bear Cause Of Death?

No information has been released by authorities or family members about Carter cause of death or what killed him. As per the information that was posted by Bird’s Point Happenings, Carter Bear unexpectedly passed away on December 19 2021.

The report says he collapsed while with his friends at the outdoor rink in Moosomin and unfortunately passed on.

In honour of Carter Bear, a memorial has been erected up at Whitewood’s outdoor rink. The goal is for this to be a location where people can light candles, remember Carter, and gather for support.

Reacting to his death a Facebook user described it as so tragic and shunned people not to link it to Covid Vaccination.

Such a tragedy yesterday. I just want to voice a thought after reading a few comments here and there…. please don’t make this about the covid vaccination! Remember people were getting sick etc etc etc… all the time before it also so don’t make everything about that! Please have respect for the heartbroken family and friends who are mourning the loss of a loved one. I’m sure they do not need to hear your thoughts on the vaccination at this time! Just show some love and be respectful!! My heart goes out to the family and friends of Carter Bear.


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