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Watch Video: What happened to Uncle Vinny in Ghana night club



Uncle Vinny tosses money in the direction of the Ghana throng during a nightclub outing, but no one picks it up.

Uncle Vinny, whose true name is Kabelo Vincent Ndlovu, is now enjoying the time of his life in Ghana, performing to a warm audience — until he chose to get involved with money.

He was seen celebrating with Ghanaian fans at a gig in a viral video he published on his Instagram live to his 754,000 followers when he takes out a few notes and prepares to hurl them towards the audience.


While some on social media say that the reaction would have been different if he had thrown the notes at them in his native country, Ghanaians did not pick up the notes he flung at them. They merely took a moment to look down at the notes before continuing on with their work.

“In Ghana and Nigeria, there is a major superstition regarding money handed freely like that.

People there think money must be earned, not given freely, and they feel it bears a curse,” one @tebza deep said, while @Parico Films added:

“I’d go pick it up and stuff it back in my pockets, then buy a flight on the internet… Fly back to Sassa queues first thing in the morning and toss it at them.”


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