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Season 2 of Emily in Paris: trailers, release date, and streaming



What made him decide to develop a Netflix TV show with Lily Collins? Has Emily in Paris been renewed for a second season?  yeah, yes.

Let’s find out all we can about the next chapter together: storyline previews, release dates, actors, and episode streaming.

The first season began on October 2, 2020, and spent nearly a month in the service’s Top Ten. Netflix has also opted to continue the dramedy for this reason.

The partnership between Lily Collins and Darren Star, who has since parted ways with Younger, had a promising start.

Emily Cooper, a young American from Chicago, moves to Paris for employment, according to the concept of the series.

His task is to offer an American perspective to a French marketing firm. At the same time, she must demonstrate to her coworkers that she possesses that special quality that qualifies her for Paris.

He succeeds in proving his usefulness in the job after some initial problems in integrating.
In terms of her personal life, Emily has key ties with Mindy, Camille, and Gabriel.

In the actual sense of it, something more is created with the latter, which he is forced to slow down because he is Camille’s lover.

Only in the season finale, when she thinks it’s over between him and her friend and before Gabriel leaves for Normandy, where he intends to buy a restaurant, does Emily let herself go. The next morning, however, he discovers that the chef remains in Paris, where, thanks to the help of Antoine, he can open the place of his dreams.

At that point, she is contacted by Camille who needs to discuss this news with her. This sort of triangle could be among the themes of Emily in Paris season 2 ( of which we have discovered the correct pronunciation ) as well as new job challenges for the protagonist, but also sentimental. It seems, in fact, that we will see her involved in a new love interest.

In conjunction with the start of filmingDarren Star has also released some advances on the new chapter. The creator pointed out that in the next few episodes we will find a more mature and better integrated Emily in Parisian life. The balance achieved, however, could soon collapse due to a night of passion. Lily Collins herself commented on the new chapter, heralding greater inclusiveness and topicality in the themes.

As happened for the debut chapter, even the new season will not address the Covid theme, which is simply not part of the story. The intent, in fact, remains to allow the public to escape from reality while watching.

Emily in Paris 2 season release date

Having learned that filming, which began in early May in France, ended in early August, we can finally tell you with confidence when Emily in Paris 2 season is released. During the much talked about Tudum event, with an exclusive teaser trailer,  Netflix announced the release date of the new season: Emily in Paris 2 debuted on the well-known streaming platform on December 22nd. On this day, as usual, all the episodes were released.

Cast, actors and characters

The cast of Emily in Paris 2 shouldn’t differ from the first season. Obviously, Lily Collins, who will soon play the role of the protagonist in the live-action of Polly Pocket and who has recently got married, cannot miss, playing the main character and also being an executive producer. The actress will therefore reprise the role of Emily Cooper. At his side we should also review:

  • Ashley Park is  Mindy Chen
  • Philippine Leroy Beaulieu is Sylvie
  • Lucas Bravo is Gabriel
  • Samuel Arnold is Julien
  • Camille Razat is Camille
  • Bruno Gallery is Luc
  • Kate Walsh is Madeline

William Abadie, the interpreter of Antoine, was promoted to regular. In season 2 of Emily in Paris we will also meet new actors and characters :

  • Lucien Laviscount is Alfie, a sarcastic and cynical young man who refuses to immerse himself in French culture and who will have a certain connection with Emily;
  • Jeremy O. Harris is Gregory Elliott Dupree, designer and former protégé of Pierre Cadault, who later became his rival;
  • Arnaud Binard is Laurent G, the charming and sociable owner of a well-known Saint Tropez nightclub;

The TV series is a Jax Media and MTV Studios production, with Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, Andrew Fleming and  Lily Collins serving as executive producers.

Number and duration of episodes

The first season features 10  episodes of the life of about half an hour each. The second chapter adopted the same length. Here are all the titles:

  • First episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 01 : Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
  • Second episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 02 : Do you know how to get to St. Tropez?
  • Third episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 03 : Happy birthday!
  • Fourth episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 04 : Jules and Em
  • Fifth episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 05 : An Englishman in Paris
  • Sixth episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 06 : Breaking point
  • Seventh episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 07 : The cook, the thief, his ghost and his lover
  • Eighth episode  Emily in Paris  2 × 08 : Champagne Problems
  • Ninth episode  Emily in Paris  2 × 09 : Perfumes and sentiment
  • Tenth episode  Emily in Paris 2 × 10  : French Revolution

Emily in Paris 2 streaming

where see the episodes streaming of Emily Paris second season? We are talking about Netflix original content. Therefore, it will be sufficient to activate a subscription to the service and pay a monthly fee between 8 and 18 euros (following the recent price increase), as needed. Unfortunately, the free trial month is no longer available. Waiting to find out more details on the TV series, we remind you that the first season is available from 2 October.

Trailer and video

After the release of the first teaser video at the TUDUM event, Netflix has released the extended trailer, thanks to which we can get a better idea of ​​what will happen. You can see both videos HERE .

Promotional photos and images

Towards the end of September, Netflix released the first promotional images for Emily in Paris 2, in which we also see some new entries.


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