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Missing Utah college student Madelyn Allen found alive in a man’s cellar, ‘covered in coal.’



Following a frightening adventure, authorities found a missing 19-year-old college student alive after a five-day manhunt. A Utah guy has been arrested.

According to a police booking statement acquired by NBC affiliate KSL and confirmed by NBC News, Snow College student Madelyn Allen was discovered nude and coated in coal in the coal storage area of a property in Loa, Utah, on Dec. 18.

According to authorities, suspect Brent Brown, 39, has been charged with obstruction of justice, abduction, and rape. Allen informed the authorities. According to the police booking affidavit, Brown held her against her will, tied her up and threatened her at his parents’ house.

Police said she was discovered naked and “totally coated in coal” inside Brown’s parents’ home.

According to the records, Brown, who met Allen on the messaging app Kik, claimed officers it was an abduction role-play.

Snow College in Ephraim, where Allen was last seen on Dec. 13 in a video provided by the school that showed her going out of a campus dormitory, is roughly 90 miles distant from Loa.

According to the affidavit, Brown picked up Allen on Dec. 13 after arranging a rendezvous over Kik and then drove her to his residence in Loa.

At a press conference, Snow College police Chief Derek Walk remarked, “We don’t know how broad his relationship or her awareness of him is thus far.”

According to court filings, investigators used Allen’s smartphone to hunt her down. She was brought to a hospital and later reunited with her family after being examined.

Allen admits to having struggled with mental health concerns, including anxiety, in a video published by her family on Facebook after she went missing.

At a news conference over the weekend, her parents expressed their thankfulness for her homecoming.

Jonathan Allen, her father, stated, “We’re simply ecstatic and very grateful for the blessing of having her and beginning the long road to recovery.”


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