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Is Andrew E (Andrew Espiritu ) dead or alive, What happened to him, age, biography & Wikipedia



A well-known Filipino celebrity Andrew Espiritus, an actor, rapper, and record producer, has been the target of a public death hoax.

On Wednesday morning, netizens began inquiring if he was dead or alive, and what had happened to him.

So we took a moment to explore the situation, and we discovered that Andrew is not dead, but rather very much alive.

The Philippian actor is now on holiday in Santa Monica State Beach Pier with his family.



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He just published photos of himself and his family enjoying a great time in Sanat Monica, and the public has been urged to ignore the phony rumor that the beloved actor has died.

Recent Report Of Filipino actor Andrew E death hoax

Andrew was reportedly believed to have died in 2017 by an internet false news carrier.

According to the phony report, the actor died after being engaged in a horrible vehicle accident.

According to news sources at the time, it stated:

“Known Fake News Website News 360 (meganews360.COM) released another death fake story revealing that Filipino Rapper and Actor Andrew Espiritu died in a Tragic car collision or alternately confirmed: Filipino Rapper and Actor Andrew Espiritus dies in a Tragic automobile crash,” according to the report.

Who Is Andrew E

Real name is Andrew Ford Valentino Espiritu, He is a Filipino rapper, record producer, actor, toy collector, and comedian who was born on July 30, 1967.

In the Philippines, he is well known for his first hit single “Humanap Ka Ng Panget” from 1990. (Look For Someone Ugly).

At the 2010 PMPC Star Awards for Music, he earned a ‘Rap Album of the Year’ award for his current album Clubzilla. “Shoot Shoot Part 2,” his most recent hit, was eventually utilized as the music for the marketing jingle “Heto Na Inday Sara.”


Espiritu began his career as a DJ at the famed club Euphoria, where he was discovered in 1991 by guitarist Ramon “RJ” Jacinto. On GMA-7’s That’s Entertainment, a variety show presented by the late German Moreno, he made his television debut.

In December 1990, he debuted professionally with the publication of his debut single “Humanap Ka ng Panget” (transl. Find Someone Who Is Ugly).

Andrew’s career took off when he began to feature in comedies based on his songs.

Espiritu formed Dongalo Wreckords, an independent rap label, in mid-1997) with the goal of identifying and promoting new rap artists, one of whom was the rap trio Salbakuta, whose first single “S2upid Luv” became a best-seller and inspired a film starring Espiritu. In Dongalo Wreckords, he also runs the rap scene under the moniker “Pooch.”


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