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Who is Rolf Buchholz – The world’s most-pierced man, age, biography, wikipedia, before & after pictures



Rolf Buchholz:

Real Name: Rolf Buchholz
Age: 61yrs
Birth Place: Germany
Popular For: Guinness World Record holder for topping the charts for body adornments with a total of 453 metal piercings

Who Is Rolf Buchholz:

Meet 61-year-old Rolf Buchholz, the world’s most-pierced man, who has disclosed that despite having over 278 piercings in his penis, he still maintains a terrific sex life according to him.

The Guinness World Record holder, who has a total of 453 metal piercings on his body, obtained his first piercing at the age of 40, 20 years ago, but now wears studs from head to toe, even on his genitals.

The German also has horn implants in his head and various tattoos, even on his eyeballs.

Rolf revealed some details about his sex life, saying, ” “It’s not an issue in the least. I’ve had the piercings for so long that if they were a nuisance, I would have removed them long ago.”

In and around his lips, the telecoms firm employee has an extra 94 piercings. There is also hypertrophic scarring on his face, which includes 90% tattoo covering his body, 37 piercings on his brows, and implants all over his body.

Rolf Buchholz recalled the moment he received his most painful implant, saying:

“My palm tattoo was the most painful modification.”

“On the exterior, the bodily alteration altered nothing.

“It had no effect on me; I’m still the same person.”

Many people believe I am the devil, but I don’t believe in him.”



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A post shared by Rolf Buchholz (@robuchholz)


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A post shared by Rolf Buchholz (@robuchholz)

Buchholz initially gained international notoriety in 2010 when Guinness named him the guy with the most body piercings.

His official count at the time was 453, with 158 just around his lips and 37 decorating his brows.


Surprisingly, out of all of his radical surgeries, Buchholz started his palm tattoo was the most painful. “It definitely hurts,” he remarked, referring to the complex tattoos on both of his palms. “I don’t have a high pain threshold.”


Buchholz set yet another record in 2012, this time for the most bodily changes. And his total has only increased since then. He now has at least 516 alterations under his belt.

In 2014, the man with the significantly transformed appearance made news after being turned away from the Dubai airport, reportedly due to his startling appearance.

He had come to the United Arab Emirates for a scheduled public engagement at a hotel in the country’s capital that year, but he was unable to make it due to an airport hold-up.

Rolf Buchholz Before And After Pictures


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