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Radio personality Dineo Ranaka hurls insults on her husband Sechaba Thole in a new Twitter video, Fans reacts



Dineo Ranaka, a South African radio and television broadcaster, is trending on social media this morning after a viral video showed her hurling insults at her husband, Sechaba Thole.

Dineo was seen ranting and assaulting Sechaba with terrible comments in the video, plainly indicating that she was furious with him.

The fundamental cause of their dispute was never revealed, but Tweeps claimed she must have been pushed into overreacting in the way she did.

According to one Tweep in particular:

“All I’ll say is that painting the crazy black lady tale is simple.

People don’t just wake up and lose it; there are many minor elements that are missing that may have caused her to respond in this manner.”

Despite the fact that she continued to speak nasty things to him, Sechaba was observed sitting calmly on a bench without responding.

South Africans were not left out of this, as many began shaming Dineo on Twitter, while others defended her comments and actions.


Sechaba Thole: Who Is He?

Sechaba Thole, the founder of Thole Chartered Accountants, is the brains behind the company.

When he left corporate in 2014 to seek a life of meaning in entrepreneurship, he took a big risk.

Blue Chip businesses, Small Medium Business Enterprises, Government Departments, Municipalities, and Non-Profit Organizations are among the clients he has audited.

He sits on a number of business and community development boards, where he helps to make a good difference in his town and around the province.



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