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Watch Jacob Zuma parole application livestreaming today 21st December 2021



Jacob Zuma’s medical parole decision is the subject of a special motion this morning at the Pretoria high court.


The former South African President Jacob Zuma’s release on medical parole was declared illegal by the Pretoria High Court, and he was ordered to return to prison to complete the balance of his 15-month term.

Judge Elias Matojane decided last week that then-Commissioner of Correctional Services Arthur Fraser’s decision to give Zuma medical release was unconstitutional.


He was told to return to the Escort jail, and the time he had previously served on medical parole would not be counted towards his term.


Zuma’s side said that Matojane made a mistake in his decision, including on whether or not the subject was urgent.

Last Thursday, the foundation branded the ruling against its benefactor “cruel and vengeful.

It is hoped that Zuma’s legal team would clarify topics such as Zuma’s alleged terminal illness, Section 75 of the Correctional Services Act, which addresses the duty of the national commissioner vs that of a parole board, and if the judgment was an overreach.


Mzwanele Manyi, the foundation’s spokesman, told Eyewitness News’ Tshidi Madia that these are some of the mistakes that need to be corrected.

“He will not release him on medical grounds. He’ll immediately return him to prison. That is a decision made by the executive authority.

What gives the judge the authority to make such decisions? That is a choice for the Correctional Services to make “Manyi said.


AfriForum, a minority lobbying group, has also stated that it will participate in the debate.

It wants its legal staff to explain why the permission to appeal the application is invalid.

Manyi denounced the group, claiming that racists who want Zuma imprisoned for no reason have no place in his life.


The case will be heard at 10 a.m. today the 21st of December 2021.



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