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TOWIE’s Joey Turner uploads unsettling selfies smoking and covered in fake blood, fans reacts



After causing worry with dramatic weight loss photographs, TOWIE’s Joey Turner uploads unsettling selfies smoking and covered in fake blood.

He’s continued to raise eyebrows among his fans by posting frightening pictures of himself smoking while wearing a fake blood filter.


After displaying off his significant weight reduction, the reality star, 20, has been advised to get help by followers in recent months.

Joey hid his face while looking down at the camera in an Instagram photo on Saturday.

The actress wore a black pinstripe shirt and had black nail polish on while smoking a cigarette.

He had to use the caption¬†¬†‘I’m alright’ filter to make it appear as if he had wounds on his nose and mouth.

Joey was obliged to respond to admirers who were concerned about his new slimmed-down appearance last month.


‘I am not your role model,’ the reality star, who departed The Only Way Is Essex seven months ago, stated in a statement.


‘To be honest, I’m not bothered by the remarks; all I want people to know is that I’m OK.’

‘I do not even care about the remarks because it’s difficult to worry about the opinions of people who don’t know anything at all about me, my diet, my metabolism, or my weight-related medical history.’


‘I’m a 20-year-old student who doesn’t appear on television.’

I’m just another student, and I’m not your role model, so if you want someone to look up to, but someone else on a pedestal instead of me.’

Fans Reaction to his post is below..


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