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EPL: What My Staff Told Me About Salah’s 2nd Goal – Tottenham Boss, Conte



Liverpool and Tottenham match yesterday brought a lot of controversial discussions as many argued that Salah’s second goal should not have counted. In an after-match chat with newsmen, Conte revealed what his staff members told him about their clash with Liverpool.

Reacting to the match Tottenham Hotspur manager, Antonio Contd was also among the people who insisted that Liverpool’s second goal in their 2-2 draw on Sunday should not have counted.

According to Conte, Salah’s second goal was a clear handball and was clearly seen by members of his coaching staff.

“My staff said to be the second [Liverpool] goal was a clear handball. Clear, a clear handball.

“I think it’s not right to comment on refereeing decisions after the game. I don’t know if Jurgen wanted to comment on this, but I can tell you my staff said to me it was incredible to give the second goal and not to disallow it, because there was a clear handball from Salah.

“But it was an exciting game with great emotions for the people who saw it and I don’t like that we have to speak about refereeing decisions at the end. I think that’s not good for anyone,”


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