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How UK prime minister hosted party involving 17 member staff photographed drinking wine in the No.10 garden during nationwide lockdown



British Prime minister Boris Johnson and up to 17 staff members were photographed drinking wine in the No.10 garden ‘during lockdown.’

Reports said When the country was under lockdown last year, the prime minister was seen with wine and cheese in the No.10 garden with 18 people.

Brits were only allowed to meet with one person outside their home at a distance of two meters at the time.

As temperatures soared during the summer, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock urged people to ‘please stick to the rules, keep an eye on your family, and don’t take risks.’

After the press conference, sources claimed that around 20 employees drank wine and spirits and ate pizza, with some ‘drinking until late into the evening.

The Conservative leader is said to have spent 15 minutes with his staff, telling an aide that they deserved a drink for ‘beating back’ the pandemic.


Downing Street responded by denying that a social event took place on May 15, claiming that Mr Johnson held a “series of meetings” in his garden.


‘The prime minister went to his residence shortly after 7 p.m.,’ they added.

For part of the afternoon and evening, a small number of staff required to be at work remained in the Downing Street garden.

Face-to-face meetings should only be held if they are ‘absolutely necessary,’ according to guidance at the time.


The new image has been dubbed a “slap in the face of the British public” by Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner.


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