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Tragic!! Mother arrested for neglects after losing four of her kids to a house fire in Sutton



A 27-year-old woman has been taken into police custody following the death of her four sons Kyson, Bryson, Leyton and Logan who died in a house fire incident in Sutton.

The alleged fire outbreak killed two sets of twins aged three and four.

Reports said that paramedics struggled to save the kids but unfortunately they couldn’t make it.

Their mother a 27-year-old woman has been arrested by the police and her identity have not been disclosed by the police either.

Around 60 firefighters were sent to the address shortly before 7 pm last night and pulled the boys from the burning wreckage.

The cause of the fire is ‘currently unknown and an investigation to determine how it started is ongoing.

London Fire Brigade deputy commissioner Richard Mills confirmed the boys are twins and said ‘on our arrival, there were only the four children we rescued at the time’ in the house.

He added: ‘I can not confirm either way what is going on in relation to any other people within the building.’

Mr Mills paid tribute to emergency service workers ‘who worked incredibly hard to save the lives of these children, adding ‘they did everything they possibly could.

Crews who attended the tragedy, some of whom travelled in ambulances in hospitals to continue CPR, are being supported by counsellors.


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