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Zodwa Wabantu wanna be lady insulted by taxi drivers and street vendors as she shamefully made her way half-na*ed into a shopping complex in Petermaritzburg



A young girl from Pietermaritzburg has received the unimaginable insult of her life after a group of street vendors and taxi drivers rained abuses on her for dressing half-naked.

The young girl who could probably be between the ages of 20 and 25 years was seen dressing like popular social media celebrity Zodwa Wabantu was seen wearing costumed made underwear and a strap of a black bra with lace to the shopping complex before she was dealt with by the street boys.

Meanwhile, just a few days ago the popular socialite and exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu shared how women at grooves were being mean to her, and the star is apparently doing something about it.

Nothing surprises Mzansi when it comes to Zodwa, but this might throw you off a little.

Taking to Instagram, the socialite shared a video warning the women who diss her that she has no time for them.



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In the clip, she can be seen smearing herself with a concoction on her eyelids and behind her ears. She said anyone who wants to come close won’t be able to do so because the concoction will render them powerless to say or do anything.

“From now on you will just look at me. Ngibheke kodwa Uzongisaba. Wangidelela Uyafa RIP.”



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