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Leeds based exotic car enthusiast Amandeep Singh Aka Deepyyy dies



Amandeep Singh Aka Deepyyy:

Real Name: Amandeep Singh
Age: 22yrs
Profession: Exotic Car Enthusiast
Cause Of Death: Suicide

What Has To Deepyyy Singh, Is He Really Dead? The social media users were thrown in deep shock after a young man identified as Deepyyy made a fearful post on his IG page about how he has been battling with issues of life and has given up hope fighting depression resorting to taking his own life. Many people tried getting back to him for help but to no avail.

Leeds based exotic car enthusiast popularly known as Deep or Deepyyy has been reported dead.

The shocking news of his death was disclosed through a Twitter user with a Twitter handle HideandSIKHH who said people who die by suicide don’t want to end their life, they want to end their pain.


“People who die by suicide don’t want to end their life, they want to end their pain. Sit with that for a moment, imagine the courage and desperation it must take to end your life. Please help others through their pain, listen to them, hear them, support them. RIP Amandeep Singh”  HideandSikhh said

Possibly the young dude died after committing suicide on Thursday.

Before embarking on the journey that ended his life Amandeep Singh (Deep) dropped an emotional lengthy note on his Instagram page where he said a lot about his life, his passion, his sadness and how mental health has driven him to his sad end.

He said he lost his mental battle to depression in his long emotional post.

Deepyyy is known for displaying fleets of exotic and classy cars on his Instagram page with over 28K followers. No one has yet revealed why he had to end it at such a time in his life.

He said has been battling depression for the last few years with loads of back and forth some days were good some days he nearly did it.  He said he tried everything  to help it but to no avail,  ” Everyone I have shared memories with has helped me a great deal like an unimaginable amount”.

Indeed mental health issue is a very serious problem in the world today.

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A post shared by Deep (@deepyyyyy)

Below is the full details of his last lengthy  post on Instagram:

My name is Deep some of you know me as Deep and some of you as Mr Singh.

Some of you knew me on a friend level and some of you knew exactly on a family level.

It’s me the guy who’s always active at the meets, always ready to give WYP the SMOKE anything cars I’m on it. If you knew me you knew that I never wanted anything but the best for my people if you looked after me I looked after you! I was the guy you could ring at 3 am and I’d back your beef or I was the guy you could call at 3 am and I’ll wipe your tears.

A friend who would pay just to have your company there is a person who would never take you for granted and would always put you before me in any situation.

Today I lost my battle with depression… if you’re ready for this now you’re probably thinking Deep? Depressed never? It’s been something I’ve been battling over the last few years with loads of back and forth some days were good some days I nearly did it. I tried everything please don’t think that you didn’t help me every single one of you that I ever spoke to or that I ever shared memories with has helped me a great deal like an unimaginable amount! I can’t thank you all enough that shared memories please hold on to them and treasure them because I sure know that I will.

Please if you’re going through something similar to what I was please speak to someone I cannot stress enough to talk to someone! I tried and I couldn’t but maybe your story is different to mine but it does matter as much as mine!

No matter how big or small we all go through the shit I can’t stress enough to talk to someone! The suicide number is 116123. My time has come to an end it was short but it was most certainly fun hopefully those that share memories with me can hold on to them for a long time I’ll hold on to them forever!

It wasn’t a motoring accident it was a choice that I made. And for whoever finds my phone the password is 257007 my phone is full of nothing but memories so to the family or friend that finds it please hold on to that phone!

One last time it was great for those of you that I ran into in my short time please don’t cry because I’m gone but remember I was smiling!

Who Was Amandeep Singh Aka Deepyyyy? Few Things You Need To Know About Him!

Not much was written about Deepyyyy on the open internet, Amandeep Singh was a Leeds based exotic car enthusiast who had worked for a purposeful and brighter future. He was a good-spirited king young man who touched the lives of people around his community.

Throughout his active life on social media, Deepyyyy has never revealed his face or identity until December 17 2021 when announced to the world about the issues of life has been battling for years. In the last post he made on his IG page, Deepyyyyy described himself as the guy who’s always active at the meets, always ready to give WYP the SMOKE anything cars I’m on it.

Deepyyyy fondly called by friends as Mr Singh was only active on Instagram and has amazed over 32 thousand followers. His Instagram page was filled with pictures of flashy and beautiful cars.

What Was Mr Singh Aka Deepyyyy Cause Of Death?

There is still no public press release about Mr Singh sudden demise but from indications, the young talent took his own life after a long battle with depression. In a lengthy post he made through his Instagram page, Deepyyyy did not reveal the issues has been battling with. Shortly after his shocking post, his sister took over his Instagram account.

Deepyy aged 22 was reported to have lost his life after falling from a multi-story car park in Leeds City centre.

Deepyyy was earlier reported missing the previous evening and a search to find him was initiated. Police confirmed he died at the scene of the incident.

Confirming the news of his death, his friend Pbs. Audi said he had wished Deepyyyy changed his mind.

Rest in peace brother! @deepyyyyy Wish you’d have changed your mind but only you know what you were going through. We are all sorry we couldn’t do anything to save you! Hope you’re free of pain now. Fly high brother! if anyone is in a dark place, please turn to a friend, family, someone you trust because that may change the way you think or feel.

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